White Ravens.

The Daily Mail reports:

. . . helpers at the Weardale Animal Sanctuary in County Durham were . . . astonished to find these three rare white ravens huddled close in a nearby churchyard.

The birds, which have snow-white colouring and blue eyes instead of ravens' usual jet black plumage, were starving to death and showed signs of being attacked by other crows.

Sanctuary manager Sally Rowley said the fledglings, named Tic, Tac and Toe, were "skin and bone and were just sitting, not moving".

"They just sat in a bush and you could pick them off like an apple," she said.

They are fine now, "thanks to a diet of mince and parrot food." Via Pet Blog

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Meanwhile in Oz:

-my aunt has a kookaburra (wild) that flies in every morning to get a feed of meat. If she is not in the kitchen it will bang on the window with its beak calling for attention. If that doesn't work it will fly round the house to work out where she is and bang on that window. It will then fly back to to the kitchen window and wait to be fed. The interesting thing is that it will tolerate being patted and scratched until it has food, although it seems uncomfortable with it.

If steak is available, as opposed to Devon (sort of like Spam) it will tolerate it even more and come back for more.

We figure it has the whole neighbourhood trained to feed it rump steak.
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They're smart, but not very tamable. They're also illegal to own in the US and in (at least) Germany because they're wild animals. You need to get some other more exotic (I think African) variety in order to legally keep them. They also seem to be fairly ill-tempered.

Though I have not had ravens, I am extremely skeptical about their verbal prowess, unless you consider squaking verbose.
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We heard that too but ours never talked. They did seem intelligent though. I remember them as being huge and definitely smarter than chickens. Someone told us you had to cut a little slit in their tongue in order for them to have talking ability. Of course we never tried that. I have a few pictures of them.
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