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There are so many poor women in India who make their living this way in the jewelry districts that there is even a name for them. I remember reading about that not too long ago, but not where I read it.
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Just a general comment on baby girl names: I wonder if there were ANY little girls named Madison before 1984 or so, when "Splash" came out?
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Years ago, my family adopted a Weimaraner who had been raised from birth by a young man. The man died in a car accident when Annie was about 8, and she was in the car with him, and was found by the paramedics watching over the body. Someone who was taking care of the man's estate knew my dad and knew he loved Weimaraners, and so she came to live with my family.

There is no doubt that she was grieving when we got her. She was very quiet, but also very curious: she had to check out every corner of the house. She bonded very deeply with my dad and lived out her old age with him. She was a very good dog, very intelligent and affectionate.

This photo made me think of her all over again. How good that Yurt found another home, but how wonderful that she was reunited with Kevin one last time.
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Gia, your mention of Uma Thurman made me think of Uma Thurman as Ulla in "The Producers." She looks the part, but can't sing. I don't understand why they didn't bring Cady Huffman from the Broadway cast; weren't Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, and Will Ferrell enough big names to make it work?

And I had my reservations about Will Ferrell, but thought he did a good job.
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Keanu Reeves as John Constantine. I STILL can't get over that. The annoying thing is that the storyline of the movie itself works very well as a "Hellblazer" type story, and the casting of Djimon Honsou as Papa Midnite, and Tilda Swinton as Gabriel, were brilliant.

But Keanu Reeves? Why they felt the need to take a chain-smoking, BLOND, BRITISH mage and turn him into a monotone Los Angeleno, I'll never known.

And don't even get me started on Shia LaBoof as Chas Chandler.
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I always wondered where they got the old photos and farm implements and suspected that they're all fabricated and artificially aged out of some weird restaurant supply.

Neat story, indeed!
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Ummmm...plenty of genres not represented on this chart. My dad loves Henry Mancini and Leon Redbone. I like Mancini, Redbone's not really my thing, and my favorite artists are Jethro Tull, The Alan Parsons Project, Kansas, Rush, Pink Floyd, Styx, Peter Gabriel, and Yes.

I listened to Judas Priest in high school, which my dad haaaaaaaaaaaaaated. :)
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I found my first white hair when I was 21. My natural hair color was a medium reddish brown, so the white hair stood out. I just thought I was having a bad year, but 10 years later when I was reunited with my biological mother, I learned it was a hereditary thing: hers started turning white at 21, too, and my grandfather was completely white-haired by age 30.

I started coloring my hair in my 20s because I wanted to emphasize the red, and then I colored it because I had to. Finally, I got tired of putting carcinogenic chemicals on my hair once a month and let the natural roots grow out to shoulder length and then told the stylist to cut off everything that was dyed. I donated over 12" to Locks of Love. That was in May 2010.

I'm growing it back out and it is about half white, half dark brown (interesting that my natural hair color was getting darker through the dye), and people comment on it all the time (because I've stayed out of the sun, I don't look my age, so the white hair is unexpected), but sometimes it's to ask what I've had done to it and sometimes it's to ask why I don't color it!

It's healthier than it's been in years, which isn't really surprising.
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When I was a kid, I used to keep those shells, for some reason. I never thought of putting them in my hair! I guess I just wasn't fashion-forward.

And is it just me, or does this girl strongly resemble a Gelfling?
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Django Reinhardt shows up in the black-and-white sequence of "The Triplets of Belleville," playing guitar with his toes. :)

Hadn't known that about Tony Iommi, though. Cool.
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Dear 16-year-old Noelegy:

1) Be nice to your parents. You are going to appreciate them so much more when you get older, so don't aggravate them over petty stuff like housework now.
2) Talk to them. Tell them about the things that make you feel sad, worthless, like an outsider. Maybe they can fix it, maybe they can't, but they can't do a thing if they don't know about it.
3) Spend more time with your grandmothers. Pay attention to everything they have to pass on.
4) Keep a journal. Consistently. You'll appreciate this too as you get older.
5) Love your friends. You have good ones.
6) Don't ever let anything stop you from writing, drawing, and dreaming.
7) You are worthwhile, you are talented, and you are strong. Even if you don't feel like you are.
8) James isn't worth it.
9) Karma works.
10) No matter what it feels like now, life is relatively simple compared to "the real world."
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How about the people who insist upon walking side by side or three abreast and refuse to make room for someone coming in the opposite direction?

Because I'd love to see this flooring deal with that.
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