How Your Dad's Jams Indicate What Tunes Are On Your iPod

There's no doubt that what your parents listened to when you were growing up has had some sort of an impact on what you listen to now, though I'm not totally sure it's always as clear-cut as this graphic makes it. Instead of listening to something vaguely derivative of Jimmy Buffett, I think I was so overdosed on him by Parrothead parents as a kid that I purposely avoided anything remotely close to his music as an adult. But since Jimmy Buffett isn't an option on this chart, I guess we'll never know.

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I listen to some music my dad listened to but for different reasons. I would consider myself rebellious and I like Amadeus. I listen to Muse and Radiohead and I don't drink alcohol, especially not beer. The main criteria for what I listen to is the meaning of the song, if it means nothing to me, I don't listen to it. If my father happened to listen to it, makes little difference. I also enjoy some of the music my mother and even my grand-mother listened to. My grand-mother loved Roger Whittaker and I only had to hear him a few times to fall in love too. "Will the sea fill up with sand, and the fire burn out the land, will the last word ever spoken be 'Why?'" and "Oh I don't believe in IF anymore, IF is for children, building daydreams."
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Ummmm...plenty of genres not represented on this chart. My dad loves Henry Mancini and Leon Redbone. I like Mancini, Redbone's not really my thing, and my favorite artists are Jethro Tull, The Alan Parsons Project, Kansas, Rush, Pink Floyd, Styx, Peter Gabriel, and Yes.

I listened to Judas Priest in high school, which my dad haaaaaaaaaaaaaated. :)
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I thought the chart was funny but it would be more applicable to my son than to me. My late father listened to big band and swing music. However, as a fan of classic metal, I must point out that Iron Maiden was a bit odd as a choice for a lead-in band in the last grouping. Kiss preceded Iron Maiden (and all the other bands they mentioned in that set,) so it really would have been more appropriate for them to say "Your dad listened to Kiss" and have Iron Maiden been one of the choices for what you listen to. But whatever--that's just a bit of metal nerd nitpickiness on my part.
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