Grey Hair May Be A Thing Of The Past

Photo: Ito Lab/NYU Langone Medical Center - via ABC News

Scientists believe they have cracked the code to restore hair to its original color. They have found a protein called wnt that is responsible for producing color in hair and also stimulates hair growth and produces new hair follicles. The lack of wnt activation in melanocyte stem cells leads to de-pigmented or grey hair. So far experiments have been performed on mice but it may be just a matter of time before hair products that raise wnt levels in humans appear on the market. This will be good news for those who are tired of frequent root touchups.

Journal article - via Daily Mail

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There will be unforseen consequences, or possibly obvious consequences that people will ignore in place of vanity. Same old story.

I really don't care what I look like or what anyone else looks like. You think you are beautiful; clean the inside.
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I found my first white hair when I was 21. My natural hair color was a medium reddish brown, so the white hair stood out. I just thought I was having a bad year, but 10 years later when I was reunited with my biological mother, I learned it was a hereditary thing: hers started turning white at 21, too, and my grandfather was completely white-haired by age 30.

I started coloring my hair in my 20s because I wanted to emphasize the red, and then I colored it because I had to. Finally, I got tired of putting carcinogenic chemicals on my hair once a month and let the natural roots grow out to shoulder length and then told the stylist to cut off everything that was dyed. I donated over 12" to Locks of Love. That was in May 2010.

I'm growing it back out and it is about half white, half dark brown (interesting that my natural hair color was getting darker through the dye), and people comment on it all the time (because I've stayed out of the sun, I don't look my age, so the white hair is unexpected), but sometimes it's to ask what I've had done to it and sometimes it's to ask why I don't color it!

It's healthier than it's been in years, which isn't really surprising.
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My grandmother didn't have a single gray hair on her entire head until she was over 70, and my dad still doesn't have one. I definitely don't have any. OTOH, we've all got other problems...
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