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Awww. I collect maneki neko and appreciate seeing something about them on here. Several years ago, I went to EPCOT Center with some friends, and when we went into the Japanese store, there was a whole WALL of different maneki neko for sale. My friends had to remind me that I was limited to what I could carry home in my suitcase!

I crochet, and one of these days plan to design and crochet an amigurumi maneki neko.
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Beautiful! Steampunk has been so overdone that it's rare to see someone who actually does it right rather than just stick random dials and brass gadgets on stuff.
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I was fortunate enough to be raised by a great mom--I'm adopted--and when I got older, I was doubly blessed in being reunited with my birth mom, who's also a great person.

But I get a snicker out of anything that pokes fun at the over-sentimentalization of moms, and Mom fron "Futurama" is one of the greatest anti-moms of fiction.
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I want to wear this just to see the "Wait...what?" looks from the people I work with, who know I'm a crazy cat lady but who wouldn't get the joke.
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I can remember watching "The Dukes of Hazzard" on Friday nights, followed by "Dallas." Ahh, Southern stereotypes!

No, seriously...I haven't seen the movie and don't plan to. The show was funny, and clean if a little safely naughty. I can't imagine the movie improving on that and it sounds like they didn't even try to keep it in the same ballpark.

Heh. I can remember having a crush on Enos. I was 11, okay?
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One of my favorite books belongs to the Factoid Press "Big Book Of" line and is called the Big Book of Grimm. It presents the fairy tales in their original, gory, uncensored forms and is fascinating (plus, they're illustrated by top comic artists).

Allerleirauh, illustrated by James Romberger, was one I was previously unaware of, though you can see the echoes in Cinderella. You're right: I can't see Disney touching that with a ten-foot mouse's ear.

There are plenty of old tales I'd like to see made into movies, but for now I'll just say how much I love the illustrations of Arthur Rackham.
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I'm not a birther. Let me get that out of the way. But I have been following this with some interest and some dismay at the absolute seething rage directed at those who'd even ask the question.

On one site, someone that I guess you would call an anti-birther was claiming that the President waited so long to release the BC because he knew it would drive his critics crazy. This was being presented as a good thing, and the anti-birther wrote in clear admiration of how the birthers had been "played."

Question is, do we want a President who wants to mess with us?
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