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Why is no one stopping to help these people up? A quick glance at the poor soul who just broke his/her tailbone, and they're on their merry way, off to finish their damn Christmas shopping. Not cool.
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I might be wrong, but I think when it says, "If you don't like your job, quit" what it really means to imply is to quit and find one that you do like, or find a way to do something that you are passionate about that just so happens to make money. Just off the top of my head, have you ever met a marine biologist that hates his/her job? Or a novelist, artist, chemist, college professor, architect, etc. The list could go on. In contrast, have you ever met a depressed office worker? Or a suicidal insurance salesman? Just examples. No offense to office workers or insurance salesmen who like their jobs.
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This process is called pointalism. It actually allows for great control of shadows and depth. I have some work of my own using this method, but it's obviously not even close to as good as this guy's.
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With Wikipedia and Cracked listed as your references, we may need to question the authenticity of all of these claims. Queen Elizabeth certainly had an infatuation for Sir Walter Raleigh and they certainly had a relationship (albeit a non-sexual one). The claims about his introduction of New World delicacies may or may not be real, but his relationship with the queen certainly was. Read James Thorn's A Kindgom Strange for a real historical perspective. It's significantly better researched work than what the boys and gals over at Cracked and Wikipedia might have dug up from who knows where. Another recommended book concerning these matters is Sea Venture, by Keiran Doherty.
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15 year old data? An irrelevant study, unless you were to say that the study found that "15 years ago, middle class people ate more fast food than poor people." And in that case, who really cares in 2011?
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My wife and I have always considered it kind of rude to ask a stranger what he or she does for a living. To me, it's just another way of asking someone how much money they make, or trying to sniff out what social class someone might be in. It's as shallow as asking someone, "So, what kind of car do you drive?" or "How many square feet is your house?"
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Jill, how can you not have seen Leprechaun? Everyone's seen Leprechaun!
Thankskilling was ridiculously awesome. Black Christmas (the original 1976 version, not the 2006 remake) was simply awesome.

Bonus fact: the pilot episode for Tales From The Crypt was about a serial killer Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

Another bonus fact: Horror icon Eli Roth made a trailer for a horror film that didn't exist called Thanksgiving that was included in the movie Grindhouse. Although many fans begged Roth to actually make the film, it never materialized. But I would have loved it if it did.
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@scottdaris,Nathan Miller and Alex - I agree. It's sad really. When I first started commenting on Neatorama (and Mental Floss) it was almost as if there was an unspoken code of conduct that everyone seemed to follow that was different from other sites. I rarely comment on other sites where commenters are a negative rabble of blowhards (youtube, this means you) because they don't hold themselves to the standard that Neatorama does. We've always been able to say what we want, as long as it's not too offensive or we don't deliberately attack someone elses opinions. It's like an honor code. But lately, it has been disappearing. We can do better.
Also, for those who are overlooking it, there are simple instructions for commenting that are posted directly over the comments box. They read quite simply, "Comments aren't censored, but those that are abusive or off-topic may be edited or deleted, mmkay?"
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I took my two year old through a corn maze a couple weeks ago and was surprised at how large and confusing it was. It's not called a maze for nothing. About halfway through, I started getting slightly concerned that if something were to happen (I turn around and my son is gone or a scarecrow comes to life and tries to eat us, for example) I would have a hell of a time finding him and getting us out of there in an appropriate amount of time. A corn maze is fun, but I can see how a parent might freak out, especially if you can't find your way out of there and it's getting dark. And you have a baby with you. I don't think this woman was "stupid" at all, as many commenters have suggested. Just panicked.
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Holy cow, I would adopt that little guy in a heartbeat! My dog Baxter needs one of those wheelchairs. He's getting old and his hind legs don't work very well any more. I often have to help him around the house. I wonder if you can get those dog wheelchairs from your vet?
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