Icy Steps

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There are so many things wrong with this scene. People who live in climates where they might encounter ice occasionally should learn a few commonsense skills.

1. Don't use ice-covered steps if there is any alternative route.
2. If they are your steps, use salt or other chemicals to melt the ice. If it's too cold, you can use sand or ashes or maybe even block access.
3. Use the handrail. That's what it is for.
4. Watch where you are going.
5. Take your hands out of your pockets. You may need them to regain balance or break a fall.

-via Arbroath

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Good to see your statement regarding the unwillingness of all Russians to help their fellow citizens incorrect, people were helping those who fell. The only unwilling citizen was the jerk recording the video, and then downloading it. I wonder how many Americans would walk away.
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Stephanie. You can use commonsense as one word if it's an adjective, I believe.

I'm waiting for the Benny Hill version before I can enjoy watching people slip on ice.
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This is Russia, so all of your points are void for the following reason: It's Russia. Also, culturally, almost no one ever slips on the ice. It's extremely rare to see it happen, and I've seen some incredible recoveries by natives. In other words, this video is unusual and definitely rare.

There are no other routes as this is most likely a decent into a Metro station or underpass. Russia is not a handicap-accessible country. There is also no suing as none of these people have money to sue and the government is in charge of taking care of these stairs so there isn't really anyone to sue. Additionally, no one helps the fallen because that's not really how Russians function in public. It's a cultural thing: everyone keeps to themselves. They'll exchange words at most, and even then usually only in negative situations.
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