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My wife and I have always considered it kind of rude to ask a stranger what he or she does for a living. To me, it's just another way of asking someone how much money they make, or trying to sniff out what social class someone might be in. It's as shallow as asking someone, "So, what kind of car do you drive?" or "How many square feet is your house?"
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If there were agents that could get estrogen into his food, wouldn't these same agents be able to get poison into his food as well? Why beat around the bush? Grab that bull by the horns.
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Believe it or not, my toddler would love that toy cleaning kit. When he sees my wife or me sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, etc. he cries until you let him do it. We even bought him a toy vacuum cleaner. I can't count the number of times that I've heard a strange noise in the other room only to discover that my son is in the kitchen trying to mop the floor. It's very funny.
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Yes there are tons of ninjas in the United States. They even made a gem of a film about one back in the 80's called appropriately, American Ninja. Then they made a hundred more.
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All religious arguements aside, I think it's about time someone went ahead and re-translated the bible. I will be the first to admit that I am not religious at all and may not understand all there is to understand about the bible, so please take no offense if I sound ignorant. Because I am. But it is my understanding that the bible was translated from Latin into old English by King James. Isn't it about time that we went back to the original Latin version and translated into modern English? Like I said, I'm not religious, but I've tried to read the bible numerous times and just can't understand a word that is written. Anyone else feel this way?
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