NASA Mars Recruiting Posters

Mars needs YOU! In the future, Mars will need all kinds of explorers, farmers, surveyors, teachers . . . but most of all YOU! Join us on the Journey to Mars as we explore with robots and send humans there one day. Download a Mars poster that speaks to you. Be an explorer!

Do you have what it takes to explore an alien planet? In 2009, NASA commissioned a set of recruitment posters for an exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Complex. The posters were designed with a retro feel in 21st-century eye-popping colors.

Now they are online and free to download. You can even print out your own 30x48 posters -if you have a printer that will do the job. Or just enjoy looking at them here.

-via Digg

(All images credit: NASA/KSC)

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"NASA Mars Recruiting Posters"

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