Minimalist Movie Posters by Chungkong

Dutch artist Chungkong creates clever posters of all kinds. You can see quite a few of them in our previous posts. But along the way, he found himself really getting into redesigning movie posters in minimalist style.

Chungkong enjoyed it as a new hobby, and thought he work on the project until there were an even 100 posters. ("A nice round number.") But he got carried away, because he enjoyed it so. Before you know it, there are 500 Chungkong movie posters!

He says,

The entire collection is best described by one title in particular: ”The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”.
Sure, all the best and most beautiful movie titles are there, but also the bad and ugly movie titles.
I cherish them as much as the best ones. For it is precisely those films that provide the contrast so the good can shine.
All over it is a colorfull and shapefull collection. Living and breathing. Which still grows every month with 10 to 20 titles (I’m open for tips and suggestions).

So what's the next step? He's going for an even thousand!

Of course, that's just a small taste of the 500 movie posters Chungkong has produced. You can see the entire collection (so far) at Chungkong's gallery.

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