Gorgeous Images from The Art of Home

The new Dreamworks animated feature film Home will hit theaters on March 27. Based on the acclaimed children’s book The True Meaning of Smedkay by Adam Rex, it involves the collision of two worlds: the everyday life of a young girl named Tip (voiced by Rihanna) and the fish-out-of-water extraterrestrial called Oh (Jim Parsons). In their adventures together they travel the Earth and beyond.

The book The Art of Home by Ramin Zahed gives us a glimpse into the process of creating the beautiful scenes, characters, and action we’ll see in the film.

The Art of Home explains how each of the three races in Home were designed. Each has its own geometric plan. While humans are essentially in a linear world, the antagonistic alien Gorg are triangular. Oh belongs to the Boov, an alien species whose bodies and spaceships are round.

The Human world is geometrically designated as linear, built on squares and rectangles, mostly due to the architecture of Earth.

But Tip, the Human protagonist, is drawn realistically as a 12-year-old girl appears. So is her mother, Lucy. Not so much for her cat named Pig; he’s there for laughs.

(Image credit: Ravinder Kundi, Emil Mitev & Jason Scheier)

It’s when the worlds of the Boov and the Humans collide that the geometric art blends in gorgeous panoramas. As Tip and Oh travel, we are treated to familiar yet alien landscapes.

(Image credit: Emil Mitev)

"Since the whimsical multi-location voyage had to be told in the space of a few minutes, our goal was to make the locations instantly recognizable-but with a Boov twist."—Emil Mitev, Art Director

(Image credit: Emil Mitev)

But Home is not all sweetness and travel. Enter the Gorg, an alien race that threatens both the Boov and the Humans. The Gorg are reminiscent of sea creatures, with shapes based on the sharp edges of triangles. That goes for their spaceships as well.

The features of all three races come together in lush artwork to tell the tale of an unlikely friendship in Home. The beautiful companion book The Art of Home by Ramin Zahed is now available for purchase at Insight Editions and at Amazon. It includes a foreword by Jim Parsons, a preface by Tim Johnson, and an afterword by Adam Rex.

The Dreamworks film Home opens nationwide on March 27.

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Reprinted from The Art of Home by Ramin Zahed published by Insight Editions. © 2015 DreamWorks Animation L.L.C. All rights reserved.

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