10 Rarest Rock and Roll Photographs

Limited Runs is proud to present a Rock 'n' Roll Photography Show on April 25th, the closing night of MOPLA (Month of Photography Los Angeles). The event will invitation only from 7 to 9 PM, and then open to the public from 9:30 PM to closing time at Boulevard3 in Los Angeles. The show will then travel to Las Vegas and New York City throughout 2014. Those who cannot attend in person can view and buy the touring images at the Limited Runs website.

The show will feature the work of three photographers:

Stephen Stickler: The former photo director of Raygun Magazine has since expanded into celebrity and advertising photography, photographing the likes of Pink, Jay-Z, and Rage Against the Machine.
Neil Zlozower: After 45 years in rock 'n roll photography, Neil has photographed nearly every major rockstar including members of Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, and more.

Sean Murphy: In addition to creating award-winning ad campaigns for clients such as Ford, Chevy, Playstation, and more, Sean has shot album covers for some of the most famous rock bands including Weezer, Green Day, and Tenacious D.

To preview the show, here are ten very rare rock ’n’ roll photographs that are part of the exhibit.

Photographer: Sean Murphy
Date: August 18, 2000
Location: Little town of Bridport, England where she lived
Assignment was for Alternative Press, PJ Harvey was about to release the album Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea.


Photographer: Sean Murphy
Date: February 24, 2000
Location: Berkeley, California


Photographer: Stephen Stickler
Date: 1993
This shot was taken for SPIN Magazine in Los Angeles during a live performance.


Photographer: Stephen Stickler
Date: 1994
Location: Los Angeles


Photographer: Stephen Stickler
Date: 2002
This photo was taken at an in-store in 2002, and Stephen brought those headphones that had been spray painted with the reflective paint used to draw lines on streets. He asked Moby to put them on and asked some of his fans to put their hands around him for a photo, and they agreed to and Stephen took the picture. So all of the arms in the photo are real fans.


Photographer: Stephen Stickler
Date: 1992
This was taken right after their album came out in 1992. Stephen wanted a spoof of The Who The Kids Are Alright album cover, on which they are all seated against a tombstone and they look like they are sleeping with a British flag over them. Stephen tried to get the band to close their eyes to recreate it, but they didn’t quite trust him yet and they wouldn’t do it. So that’s why they are all making goofy faces at him in the picture.


Photographer: Stephen Stickler
Date of Shoot: 1989
Location: Downtown Los Angeles
This picture was taken on the roof of the Halifax apartments in Los Angeles. He passed away just a year later in 1990.


Photographer: Stephen Stickler
Date of Shoot: 2003
This was taken during a studio session with Stephen. He brought the glasses with him to the shoot but was hesitant to ask them to put them on, thinking they may not like the idea. Towards the end of the shoot, Stephen finally brought out the glasses and they happily put them on and loved it.


Photographer: Stephen Stickler
Date of Shoot: 2011
Photo session was for Sound & Vision Magazine. It was a spoof of a Maxwell ad for speakers from the 80’s.

Photographer: Sean Murphy
Date of shoot: Summer of 1999
Location: Detroit
Assignment was for cover story for Alternative Press, Sean hung with the band at their rehearsal space, which was one of the band member's garage.

The rock photography show will take place April 25th, the closing day of MOPLA. In June, Limited Runs will launch another private and public traveling exhibition featuring never before seen Marilyn Monroe images. The show will start in Los Angeles and make its way to San Francisco before wrapping in New York City. 

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