The "Bias of Thoughts" Bookshelf

Designer John Leung from ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects brought us the Parallel of Time Clock last year. Now he presents the "Bias of Thoughts" Bookshelf. The design is based on the famous 2D illusion, now rendered in confounding 3D.

How many shelves are there? Look to the left: four shelves. Look to the right: three shelves. The design is based on the illusion known as the Impossible Fork or Blivet.

Of course, you wouldn't normally see this kind of shape hanging on a wall. You'll have to look closely to see how it's done.

The artist designed the shelf to make you think.
Thoughts are biased. When ideas are passed from one person to another, due to the transfiguration of the communication process and the frame of mind of the receiver, they are always perceived with bias.

Inspired by the famous 2D drawing of the optical illusive bookshelf, a 3D structure is translated and the “Bias of Thought” bookshelf is formed. It can be used for shelving books and iPads as well as hanging magazines. Visually, the optical illusion serves as a reminder that, whenever one picks up a medium, ideas can be misinterpreted when passed from one end to the other.

It helps when notes are included!

This video may help you see the different angles so you can figure out how the bookshelf is made -or not.

(YouTube link)

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"The "Bias of Thoughts" Bookshelf"

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