Things You Learn While Fixing People's Computers, According To A Geek Squad Member

When you hand over your computer to a technician, like those identified as part of the "Geek Squad", you have no idea what sort of person that computer tech really is or what they're going to do with your computer.

But, according to the anonymous Geek Squad member Cracked spoke to for their article, you needn't worry about the Squad stealing your vital information- because most of them don't have a clue how to plumb your hard drive for info.

In fact, even though they know what they're doing on paper they don't know what they're doing when they agree to repair your unit- so they look to Google for answers.

They do know all about how filthy laptops are underneath the case, and they know how to sell you on replacement parts and peripherals to help "prevent future problems" because many Geek Squad members are actually salespeople disguised as techs.

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I agree. Sleeper Agent 45618 here. Geek Squad Agents are trained to develop a consultative mindset focused on team-wide collaboration and individual growth. Individuals who might be feeling the sting of retail or the cynicism of the masses... may fall into the "it's my job" category, however, many of us (when I was wearing my black and whites) find Geek Squad a calling. We felt an intense passion to help others in need and learn about technology.

Our Precinct was more of a stomping grounds for development than a repair shop. Yes, we fixed your machine, however, when we weren't bent over motherboards or explaining warranties, we were learning. Best Buy developed a robust training program, and for those of us who lust for knowledge, it was "the perfect koolaid".

When I look back at my transition to Sleeper Agent in 2014, I think about the massive amount of knowledge I accumulated and how much I loved working for that company.
Huzzah, Hats off and Cheers to you Geek Squad,

Geoffrey Owen
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I have a real problem with this article. We geek squad agents don't just go to Google but I'm fact use it as a tool. It would be foolish not to use every tool we have to find the best for for computer problems. A good geek squad agent would tell you they are passionate about keeping up on the latest computers and maintaining a knowledge base of frequent fixes. You either spoke to someone who has become bitter towards the company for whatever reason or you've taken them of context. I would love to get in touch with the writer of this article and thought more about this subject. I've worked for geek squad for four years and they've taken good care of me. I pride myself on doing a great job for my clients and I don't just try to sell them things they don't need. Again I use the tools at my disposal to create a smooth client experience. I want people to be happy they called.
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