Deleted Wikipedia Articles with Freaky Titles

Wikipedia archives all kinds of lists and information about its internal workings, but they are generally hard to browse unless you know exactly what you are looking for. One intriguing page lists “Deleted articles with freaky titles.” Someone spend a big chunk of their free time compiling this. Here are a few that stood out to me:

Apeism : Ape worship and the history of Apeism

Attack of the fifty foot Hitler (which exists at Uncyclopedia)

Birth defects considered snazzy by the FDA

Burying your Brother In The Pavement

Cambodian scrotum theives

Cathode Ray Tube Beef Curry

Dead prostitutes in popular culture (found elsewhere)

Death of a shoe horn in Mexico with a cat

Dying with your pants off

Double Ristretto Venti Half-Soy Nonfat Decaf Organic Chocolate Brownie Iced Vanilla
Double-Shot Gingerbread Frappuccino Extra Hot With Foam Whipped Cream Upside Down Double Blended, One Sweet'N Low and One Nutrasweet, and Ice (found elsewhere)

And that’s only the first few letters of the alphabet. Looking through all of them could send you down the internet rabbit hole with no hope of salvaging the day.  -via Boing Boing

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