People Freaking Out Over The Wikipedia Blackout

By now, I'm sure you have all heard about SOPA and PIPA being as how every blog in the world has been talking about them as of late. Even those that are usually apolitical (like Neatorama) have taken a stand against the legislation, but despite all the talk and Wikipedia's many messages warning about their upcoming blackout, some people still didn't get the memo.

That's where Herpderpedia comes in... chronicling the Tweets of people freaking out over the Wikipedia blackout despite the many warnings on the site and the fact that its blackout message clearly describes what's going on.

Sure the Twitter account will only have one good day, but it's certain to bring endless enjoyment for the internet snobs around the country.

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I LOL'd hard at all the complaints while I read all the wikipedia articles on my phone. apparently they didn't cover the mobile version because i used it quite a bit that day
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Woah! You're telling me that there are teachers who encourage students to use Wikipedia as a research tool? How about teaching them to do some real research? Oh wait, that would require some real teaching.

Wikipedia is not a reliable source and many eductational establishments will no longer accept it as a source. One lecturer I know cites the issue of it's cyclic citations. That is to say the citations which refer to other documents which themselves refer back to Wikipedia. Others are simply critical of the number of errors. My personal view is that you have to fact check everything you get from Wikipedia, as such you are doing the research anyway and may as well bypass the Wikipedia stage.
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At my son's high school, apparently some teachers were less than observant about the SOPA blackout day. 1st period, teacher headed to computer center with students to research topics using... Wikipedia. And no, it wasn't an attempt to make a point about SOPA, but it ended up being the topic of the day in most classes.
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