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The 6 Most Epically Pointless Arguments on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the extensive crowd-sourced nexus of knowledge...  ...anding. It would be solved with WAR.The volunteer Wikipedia editors battled back and forth like this ... for...  ...t fights in the name of accuracy and usability at Wikipedia . (Image credit: Stanislas Jourdan...
Wikipedia Markov Masher

The Wikipedia Markov Masher is a generator that will mix two Wikipedia articles together into a paragraph that almost, b...
Deleted Wikipedia Articles with Freaky Titles

Despite the sheer size of Wikipedia , not everything submitted stays on the site. If a...  ...ries get deleted because they are just too silly. Wikipedia has a saved list of the articles that were delete...
Fun with Wikipedia Editing

A few years ago, we showed you an interesting pict... a classic. You can find the story behind it at Wikipedia , which can be edited by any member -and there are...  ...tatus of the penguin.By now, the image caption at Wikipedia has been restored to its original. Redditor goran...
The Most Edited Wikipedia Articles

For the past 15 years, Wikipedia has informed and misinformed* nearly a generation... most heavily edited articles for every year of Wikipedia 's existence. Rapidly changing events, like the 20...  ...aining to students why it's not acceptable to use Wikipedia
City Talk Pages...

The talk pages on Wikipedia are often mundane, but if you look closely, you&r...
Wikipedia’s Longest-running Hoax

According to his Wikipedia entry, Jack Robichaux was a 19th-century New Orle...  ...e never was such a person. The entry was added to Wikipedia in 2005 and uncovered in 2015, making it the site...  ..., no one came looking for information on him. But Wikipedia now has 3,000 &ldq...
18 Funniest Wikipedia Edits of All Time

Well, there go my plans for the weekend. These Out...  ...that 5 times fast.You can get away with a lot on Wikipedia if you make edits discreetly and quickly. Reality...  ...r your amusement. You can find 15 other hilarious Wikipedia edits at Pleated Jeans.
Fan Uses Wikipedia for Backstage Access

som1 edited our wiki 2 say he was our family. sh...  ...ded proof, so Spargo pulled up Peking Duk’s Wikipedia page on his phone and pointed out his name. The n...  ...our stepbrother or something, and showed them the Wikipedia page and his ID.”It goes to show, said Hyde...  ...uo;It goes to show, sai...
47 Alternatives to Wikipedia

Image: WikipediaMany internet users turn to Wikipedia as a quick reference when they're looking for an...  ...the full list of 47 information sources to use as Wikipedia alternatives here.

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