According to Norse Mythology, The World Will End on Saturday

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So why not enjoy yourself? Tell your boss to shove it and take an early weekend. Eat, drink and be merry, because the end is nigh. At least, that's what some modern adherents of the Norse religion claim. They say that Ragnarök--the twilight of the gods--will come this Saturday:

Ragnarok is the final predicted battle where the wolf Fenrir will break out of his prison, the snake Jormungand will rise out of the sea, ice giants and the dragon of the underworld will come out and the dead heroes of Valhalla will descend from heaven to fight them. So, if you’re planning a picnic that day, you might want to think twice.

Modern day Viking warriors (believers of this Norse prophecy who dress up and swing wooden swords) have already begun preparing for Ragnarok by converging on the historic UK town of York to celebrate the JORVIK festival.

So bring a sweater--just in case, you know. But don't worry too much about the future. One believer says that Ragnarök means good things for humanity:

"The end of the world is really an end of the world for the gods, and the world will be reborn for the human population," says Daglan.

Yeah, but there probably won't be any more Thor movies. So why should humanity even bother?

-via VA Viper

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This is the copy/paste news culture once again doing zero research on their headlines. The Jorvik festival is celebrating their Ragnarok event for the 30th time this Saturday. Norse mythology doesn't predict a date for the end of the world.
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Where in Helheim did you get this information? I have been reading Norse mythology for close to 20 years and I have never seen any way that a specific date for Ragnarok could be determined.

And even if there were, there will be signs if Ragnarok is coming.
The murder by Loki's trickery, of the god Balder, son of Odin and Frigg.
"Fimbulwinter" a long and extremely cold winter lasting three years with no summers.

A red rooster "Fjalar" (All knowner), will warn all the giants in Jotunheim that Ragnarok has begun. In Niflheim, a red rooster warn all the dead, that war has started. In Asgard, a red rooster “Gullinkambi”(Golden Comb) will warn the gods.

Heimdall will blow his horn, Gjallarhorn (Resounding) warning all the einherjar in Valhalla that the war has started.
I don't recall reports on any of these events--even on Fox News.

For the straight story, may I recommend the fine book, "Norse Mythology...According to Uncle Einar" by Jane T. Sibley, Joel A. Leib (Illustrator)
You'll learn about everything there including: Thor's Harley: the Valhalla Sports Bar; and a video game about the end of the world!
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