How Long Would You Survive After the Apocalypse?

A quiz by UsvsTh3m figures out how well you are prepared for the apocalypse. With just a little knowledge and hubris, I managed to live to the age of 105 (if the apocalypse happens soon). I don't think they take your current age into consideration. Gerard at the Presurfer lasted an entire six months, because he's a city boy. How long will you survive?

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They got the question about the moss wrong, I don't think they would survive very long in the wilderness.
Anyone that has spent any longer time in the forest actually looking at trees knows that where moth grows is seriously randomized. You need a quite large (and random) sample to spot the predominance of moss to grow on the north side. Don't ever try to use it for navigation.

Use your wristwatch and the sun instead.

But fun fact: There's a correlation between dogs uhm direction and north. Maybe you should bring a dog.
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I don't know. I lot of the post-apocalyptic stuff I've seen show Australia escaping the worst of it. Unless we're talking Mad Max. If that's the case, best of luck. I'll be eating moss in the Canadian woods apparently, if I can find the right side of the tree.
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