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This past week has been very busy here at Neatorama. It's a good thing my kids have been gone to camp, or I'd have never been able to keep up with it all. We've had lots of videos, links, and feature articles in case you've been busy working and need to catch up. Have you been to Neatorama's Pinterest boards lately? They've been completely reworked so they are much easier to see and use. (Thanks, Jill!) I'm going to go over just the highlights of the past week here so you'll know the best things to start with for the weekend.

Alex was very busy bringing us feature articles last week, starting with a Fathers Day treat, 5 Great Pieces of Fatherly Advice.

He also wrote Wonders of the Solar System.

And then Alex collected 7 Fantastic Covers of Daft Punk's Get Lucky.

Jill Harness gave us a photographic look at 15 Utterly Adorable Babies Cosplaying.

A Tribute to Moe Howard of the Three Stooges was written by guest author Eddie Deezen.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader contributed The Natural History of the Unicorn.

An/The/An Index of Confusion came from The Annals of Improbable Research.

Mental_floss magazine told us about The Poison Sommelier.

Hy Conrad presented the Whodunit: Bus Station Bomber. Did you solve the mystery?

In the What It It? game, the mystery object turned out to be a German Tarantella razor blade sharpener. Read more about it at the What Is It? blog. We had a whole slew of really creative guesses! Among the best, ladybugs said it's "an ocular prosthesis gouger for those too squeemish to remove a glass eye with their fingers." That's good for a t-shirt from the NeatoShop! And Gothixhalo guessed it to be "a viewer for old naughty films from the early 20th century. It helps to keep things private for you to view the old films through it." That sounds like a winner, too! Thanks to everyone who played, and watch for the next edition of the game from Neatorama and the What Is It? blog!

This week's Brainteaser from the Bathroom Reader Institute was called Legs. Y'all came up with some great alternate answers!

If you check in with Neatorama's sub-blogs, you got to see Alex's Fathers Day card at NeatoBambino. It looks just like him!

We want to see your pets! If you have a picture of your cat, dog, or other pet, we'd like to feature him or her on the pet sub-blog Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly. You can email a photo to us at any time. Check out all our sub-blogs to find things you may be particularly interested in; the buttons for each are at the top of the page.

We also had a really neat response to the post The Most Hilarious Bootleg Superhero Toys Ever. Molly Carroll saw the picture and was inspired to create her own artistic rendition of The Sense of Right Alliance. Thanks, Molly!

The post that gathered the most comments this past week was Wedding Gift Spat Goes Public. Obesity is Now a Disease was in second place, followed by J is for Jail: Sesame Street Muppet with Dad in Jail.

The comment of the week came from Benjamin Eugene NElson. In yesterday's story about the horse who got stuck in a tire, he said, "Poor guy must've been tired afterwards... or maybe before."

The most popular post was Hairy Stockings, followed by A Tribute to Moe Howard of the Three Stooges and Brainteaser: Legs. But all those were dwarfed by the performance of 5 Modern Problems Even Superman Can't Defeat, from last Friday, which just barely missed the cutoff for being "this week."

The posts that drew the most ♥s this week was a tie between Baby Bunnies in the Barracks and Twins with Rubber Bands. Coming in third was the Adventure Time Children's Room. Thanks for the ♥s!

Right now at the NeatoShop, we're running a Doctor Who sale, where you can save 20%, 30%, or 40% off select Doctor Who items. Get them before they are gone!

Thanks for visiting Neatorama this week! We've got some great stuff coming up this coming week, too!

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