17 Great Geeky Hats For National Hat Day

January is filled with weird holidays, from Run Up The Flag Pole and See if Anyone Salutes Day (January 2) to Play God Day (January 9) to Measure Your Feet Day (January 23), but of all the strange holidays this month, perhaps one of the most fun is National Hat Day on the 15th. While there are plenty of fun ways to celebrate this holiday, there’s perhaps no better way for our Neatorama readers to celebrate with a great geek hat like one of these.


Unsurprisingly, many of the best geek hats are custom made and, since many nerds also enjoy crafting, the majority of great geek hats you’ll find are knitted or crocheted.

Nerd Domo

As if any crochet Domo hat weren’t nerdy enough, Etsy seller littlepopos opted to make Domo in his excellent nerd incarnation, complete with tape on his glasses.


What better way to play your role as the Dovahkiin than to wear this delightful crochet steel helm based on the in-game icon by Etsy seller CreativeExcess. If you don’t want to fork over the money to get your own completed hat, you can always buy the pattern for $5, which is sort of a real-world version of forging your own helmet.


Pika-Pika-Pika-Hat! Why catch them all when you can get the cutest Pokemon hat from Etsy seller littlepopos?

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Are you a Pastafarian? Then show off your faith with this great Flying Spaghetti Monster beanie by Etsy seller atemptingmorsel.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Sometimes scarfing pizza and fighting crime with sweet marshal arts skills in winter can be way too chilly for the average head to handle. Fortunately, now you can stay warm in the style of your inspiration with these great TMNT caps by Etsy seller charmed come complete with matching masks in your choice of colors.


Skiing Lovecraft lovers rejoice, you can finally hit the slopes in style thanks to Etsy seller CraftyPA’s Cthulhu ski hat. Lest you worry about being able to consume food or beverage while keeping your head warm in such fashion, don’t worry, there’s a mouth hole under the tentacles.


If you don’t like yarn-ridden beanies though, perhaps you’d prefer one of these great geeky fleece hats.


Yes, the great lord Cthulhu comes in all forms. For those who don’t like ski masks, perhaps a fleece monster on your head will be more comfortable. If that’s the case, head over to Etsy seller GrapeVineFires and grab your own evil headgear.


Of course, those who prefer the myths of The Force will find themselves much more comfortable in this great R2D2 beanie by Etsy seller EnchantedCraft. If you buy one though, be prepared to be harassed into beeping all of your conversations every time you wear your new hat.

Angry Birds

Our Angry Birds Laplander hat is out of stock, but it’s certainly a cute addition to any hat collection and I’m sure that if enough of you request to be notified when the item is back in stock –Alex will make sure to order more as fast as he can.

Baseball Hats

These days, baseball caps are undoubtedly the most popular form of headgear around. For those who prefer to maintain a classic American style, these hats are sure to please.

Space Invaders

No word on where Flickr user mmoroca found this delightful Space Invaders hat, but if you happen to know where to buy one, please let us know in the comments as I’m sure many readers would love to have their own classic gaming hat.


Whether you’re a fan of the online shopping site or just like to use the expression to exclaim your joy, this w00t hat by Etsy seller ThreadFed is perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time online.


Do you love Facebook? Well then, share your “like” with the world with this great like button hat by Etsy seller ThreadFed.

Beast of Arrrggghhh

To be fair, this one might not really look like a traditional baseball cap, but under all the eyes and horns great Monty Python plush is a classic, and comfortable, billed hat.

Wild & Weird

Don’t think for a second that geek hats are limited to the standard styles of beanies and baseball caps. Here are a few wonderfully weird options for those of you who really want your hats to make a statement.

Tim the Enchanter

For those who prefer to play as wizards rather than as monsters, this Tim the Enchanter hat should help you along your way, even if it might not be the most effective path of magical learning.

Sorting Hat

While it might not be the weirdest hat on this list, it’s undoubtedly one of the most geeky. After all, only a true nerd will appreciate the true value of an authentic Sorting Hat, particularly one purchased from the always wonderful Neatoshop.


Whether you’re setting up a trap to attract zombies or you just want to creep out those with an aversion to gore, this delightful brain cap is a great hat for any horror fan. Best of all, it’s the only one on this list that can be made at home using items you likely already have around the house.

Tesla Coil

(Video Link)

If you really want to get weird with your hat though, you could always follow these directions to make your own Tesla Coil hat that happens to play the theme song to Mortal Kombat. Sure it’s incredibly dangerous, but isn’t that half the point?

Do any of you have any great geeky hats? Will you be celebrating National Hat Day this year? Personally, I’ll be wearing one of my many vintage hats, it’s not really geeky, but I almost never wear them, so a holiday is a great excuse to do so.

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I love hats! Since starting a new office job, I'm really disappointed to not get to wear one everyday anymore. Maybe they'd let us if they knew it was National Hat Day.
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