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Neatorama is experimenting with a new kind of post where your participation leads to constructive (and often fun) debates. Adrienne Crezo rounds up current controversial topics, with links to news stories and opinions from others around the web. And we want your viewpoint! Subjects we've tackled this week include taking school attendance by fingerprints, the definition of a sandwich, teens having plastic surgery as a defense against bullying, and whether ancient krakens were intelligent enough to create art.

Another new feature at Neatorama helps you to find the current active discussions. Check the right sidebar, just below the NeatoBambino posts, for the Most Commented list. They're hot!

Then we have plenty of exclusive articles from the past week you'll want to catch up on.

Jill Harness wrote about The 10 Weirdest Things You Can Do With Your Ashes.

She also gave us a look at The 15 Cutest Geeky Baby Costumes over at NeatoBambino.

We took a good look at the newly-translated book Crafting With Cat Hair.

Mental_floss magazine explained How Tourism is Taking Cuba Out of the Red.

Ghost Hosts of the UK and the US is a list of "haunted" places from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader.

Head on Brain in Brain came to us from The Annals of Improbable Research. It will start to make sense when you read it. Or maybe not.

In this week's What Is It? game, the mystery item is, indeed, a boat anchor. Maybe the background image of a ship helped! From the What Is It? blog: “A killick type anchor that was used on a small river freight boat in the 1800s, rocks were placed in the center of it to weigh it down.” David Kirkpatrick had the correct answer before many other people did. Sarah Reede had an intriguing funny-but-wrong answer: “It’s a 17th Century tic-tac-toe placer. (Fits in the X’s and the O’s!) Used for sanitary purposes.” Both win t-shirts from the NeatoShop!

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A reminder: Halloween is only two weeks from Monday, and you've probably got parties and other stuff going on even before then. Get your orders in now for Halloween costumes, decorations, and party supplies from the NeatoShop!

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