The Story of Baby Squirrel and the Wall

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A big squirrel jumps the wall easily, but baby squirrel is having trouble making it. He needs a little help! -via Bits and Pieces

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Wonderfully crafted video. I love the theme it was original and inspirational. Your choice of music was right on, an excellent fit. As for the harsh critics, I dare say they should attempt to do better but I doubt they could. And perhaps the theme caring for one less capable that is to say having empathy for Baby Squirl may be beyond them. Lots of callous people out there. Hang in there your video making is right where it should be....well done!
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Hey Jenn, you ever think that maybe UCLA has more than 2 squirrels living on campus? As for Ted, I'm with you broseph. All those self obsessed narrative breaks were completely uneccessary. You should do the world a favor and recreate this video withcout your nonsense. You think you add a dramatic element to the project, but you actually just stop people from caring enough to finish watching it. Overall though, it was a decent video. Congratulations baby squirrel, soon you shall be the one to jump the wall and teach the next generation.
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Nice little video were it not for the incessant narration. Instead of enjoying the tale and rooting for the little squirrel, I found myself distracted and annoyed. I have eyes, for cryin' out loud. I can SEE what is happening.
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"The Story of Baby Squirrel and the Wall"

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