Science Answers Age Old "Why Are Women Attracted to Bad Boys?" Question

Good guys and scientists have pondered the question of "why are women attracted to bad boys" for ages. Now, Peter Jonason of New Mexico State University has figured out why bad boys seem to get their women: statistics - they just try more often!

According to a new study, men who are narcissistic, thrill-seeking liars and all round "bad boys" tend to have the greatest success finding more sexual partners.

Scientists believe that the root of their good fortune is simply that they try it on with more women, therefore by the law of averages are likely to ensnare more.

They say these type of men adopt a more predatory, scatter gun approach to conquests and have more of a desire to try new things which helps when it comes to meeting women, according to the study highlighted by New Scientist magazine.


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whats with the big comments guys?? never mind!!

Which dumb gal would like a closed person siting in a library or dreaming of chess.. sheesh!!!
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I LIKE NICE GUYS! I dumped a guy when I found out he wasn't all that nice. I laughed at another guy's attempt to get me to go over to his place. Puh-lease. Then I blogged about it because it was so transparent. Maybe some women fall for thinking the guy actually likes them. Maybe deep down we all want to be loved and some of us will do anything to get that love no matter how sad, pathertic and likely to pass a sexually transmitted infection it is.
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@ Infomercials: No, because my explanation actually answers the question, and theirs doesn't. There's nothing complicated about an attraction to excitement. Rollercoasters, fast cars, dance clubs, etc. can all attest to that. But to say that "bad boys are more attractive because they ensnare more women" is not really the point. It's not the number of people they've had before you that's the attraction. It seems like with the study they're trying to answer why bad boys might have more partners in general, which isn't too surprising either (bad boys would be less worried about consequences). So basically, they're asking one question and answering another.
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Personally, I went out with my boyfriend 'cause he was damn persistant for a month!
We been together for 3 and a half years now.

So people, just keep wearing down that other person till they eventually give in! ;)
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oh, and to test the theory...

"Could one of you pussycats stop moaning for 5 seconds, get your fingers of the keyboard, and try to put them to better use -- then I'll give you a reason to moan."
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