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I bought my current car from my mechanic. It was never picked up after repairs, and since he was only out the repair cost, I got it cheap. Besides, I've used him for years and he guaranteed the car for a few months. Best deal ever, if you don't care about the model or color.
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I have been married more times than I care to admit, and never have I had an engagement ring. As a result, I've inherited several huge cluster rings from older women in the family who felt badly for me. I don't really care for diamonds, but I will pass the vintage jewelry down to my girls.
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Great story. Now think about this: if a student can get through medical school without incurring mountains of debt, he might be able to serve his community as a general practitioner. GPs are sorely needed, but don't pay as well as specialties.
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I was supposed to be a latchkey kid growing up, but 1. the term wasn't used widely in the '60s, 2. we never locked our doors, so I didn't have a key, and 3. I rarely went home before suppertime.
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Tell me about it. My new neighbors are scandalized that the twins across the street are allowed to play by themselves outside, because there's a river right there! Um, they are seven, they can swim, there's two of them, and the the river is only a couple feet deep most of the time.
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I remember reading about a Muslim a few years ago trying to finish his lawn mowing before the sun came up during a summer Ramadan. Not only did he not finish by the time he saw the sunrise, but he was left pretty thirsty from the exertion. Poor guy.
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We briefly toyed with the idea of a spiral staircase to save room when we remodeled the attic. I thought about getting furniture up there, then I thought about getting older, and we opted to build an entirely new room for a conventional staircase. Since this is just a loft bed, it might work, but if someone had a sprained ankle, they have to arrange sleeping downstairs no matter what kind of hassle it meant.
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There's no Trader Joe's here, but I found that store brands from Kroger and Aldi are often better than the national brands, and infinitely better than truly generic stuff. Putting one's name on the label really makes a difference!
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Like the people who named that town? I told myself that it was probably founded by a man named White, but no.

The name of White Settlement originated as a result of there being two settlements in the area: one occupied predominantly by Native Americans (near where Fort Worth is located today), and the other one being occupied by white settlers. The latter settlement received the name "White Settlement" as a way to distinguish itself from the Native American settlement. The city was incorporated in 1941.[8]

On October 14, 2005, city leaders announced a plan to have local voters decide on a possible name change for the town from White Settlement to West Settlement. In the November 8 election, the name change was overwhelmingly rejected by a vote of 2388 to 219.
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