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In getting this post ready, I read a lot about Glenn Seaborg. He was a real alchemist, having turned bismuth into gold, although only a few atoms at a time. The story about how he married his wife is adorable. And (in 1998) Discover magazine noted that

"Not only is Seaborg the first living scientist to have an element named after him, he’s also the only person who could receive mail addressed only in elements: Seaborgium, Lawrencium (for the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory where he still works), Berkelium, Californium, Americium."
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Heehee! When you wrap a cord around something, it's spelled wind, pronounced wined, not like the air that blows around; that's pronounced winned. Then there's really no such word as winned, because the past tense of win is won, pronounce wun.

But you needed the past tense, which is wound, pronounce wowned, not like wound that is an injury -that's pronounce woond.

English is so weird.
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Hee hee! The first house I bought was from a little old lady. She explained the bathroom color. "My son asked me what my favorite color was before Christmas. I thought he was buying me a sweater or something, so I said deep red. Then he painted my bathroom." It looked like a bordello.
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It's not that difficult. Historical characters, fictional characters, and animals are fine. Dressing as a stereotypical oppressed minority is not. Native Americans in particular do not like people making a Halloween costume of their ceremonial headdresses and handmade beading, each part of which has a specific meaning and that they still wear to cultural occasions. Every tribe is different, but costumes make them look generic and cheap.
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There's a big difference. Christian puritanism means following the rules of your religion and usually expecting everyone else to. Political correctness means to stop and think before you harm someone else's reputation or feelings. Totally awesome.
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The spices really don't matter that much. Throw in whatever you have! The Colonel's breakthrough was pressure-frying chicken, which cooks it through before the breading is burned. That's what made fried chicken fast and consistent enough for fast food. If you don't pressure fry chicken, it takes experience to get the technique right. That's why grandma's chicken is the best.
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When you are in a powerless class, like a child, and someone in power decides there is knowledge you can't have because of the authority's agenda for your life, and you can't even find out why, it makes little difference who that authority is. The solution is not to restrict reading, but to expand it.
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The first time the public school needed a permission slip to read a book (and I don't recall which book it was), I tacked another note on top, granting all my children permission to read any book any time, forever, and please file this note in the school office or library.
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The one I like that I see a lot of is: "Required: Five years experience in [some programming language that was launched two years ago]."

HR people say that requirements are more like a "wish list," and my husband says he's applied for jobs that he wasn't qualified for all his life, and got many of them. So apply anyway!
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