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I love wisteria. Here in the South, some folks have beautiful arbors like these, and there's an old custom of beating them. Yes, wisteria reacts to stress by blooming. If there's a wedding coming up, the family will take chains and whip the woody stems a couple of weeks before the date, to stimulate blooms.
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I threw a birthday party at a roller rink a couple of times, where you paid per guest. It was nothing like $30 a head, and they only charged for the number of people who showed up and ate there (on top of a base rate). Still, I've learned that even if you ask for an RSVP on an invitation, only about 10% of families will bother. If I used a venue where I had to pay for each person's reservation, you better believe I would call each and every invitee the night before the paying deadline and ask if they were coming or not.
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The hostess totally lost sight of the purpose of a child's birthday party. If you must stress your invitees about the cost, you cannot afford that type of party. And it isn't necessary.
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That's the case in too many places. Zoning laws exist for a reason, and waivers should be hard to get for those who want to make a buck at the expense of the community. However, there should be a way to get waivers and exceptions for projects that improve the community and help its most vulnerable citizens.
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When my daughter was in her crib, our fat cat would jump in any time she cried. If she was just lonely, the cat was all she needed to go back to sleep. Maybe that's why she's so cat-crazy now.
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Great cat story, but I am upset that the person who abandoned this baby couldn't have left him in a subway station or anywhere out of the cold. I understand that the consequences of being caught could be pretty bad, but this is life or death here.
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