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For the most part, women's clothing is designed to please the eye while men's clothing is designed for utility and convenience. And that's why women carry purses.
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Not the only way, though.

Philip IV and his niece Marianna had five children. Three died in infancy. One was Charles II. One daughter, Margaret Theresa, married the Holy Roman Emperor, to whom she was related on both sides, and produced several children who died in infancy as well as many miscarriages. Only one of her children lived to adulthood, and Margaret Theresa died at age 21.

In families like these, impotency can be a blessing.
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Someone mentioned they wanted a frappucino the other day and I said that was an ice cream pretending that it's a coffee.

Then I offered her some ice cream, and that made her happy.

Funny I should see this post as I'm drinking a cup of coffee with Kahlua in it. It's a rare treat for me.
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From 82-84, I lived in a small town in which the arcade was the only place for the kids (and adults) to do anything. The local DJs enjoyed free tokens, because we were supposedly good for business. I even spent a year living downtown, upstairs across the street from the arcade, and with no cable TV, all my free time was spent hanging around, playing Q*bert, Centipede, Joust, Pac-Man, and Galaga.
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Bath and Body Works is a clothing store? Talk about a misleading name!

My state being "dominated" by Cato seems laughable, because everyone buys their clothing at Walmart, Kmart, or JC Penney. Cato is a tiny little store for teenagers. And if Kmart is a department store, where is Walmart?

Strange that my state is dominated by the only athletic shoe store I've never heard of. But my small town has rather few stores at all.

Ah, I see Walmart is in another chart, labeled "discount stores," although you'd be hard pressed to tell it from a Kmart except for size. And I see that the stats are for how many stores are in a state, not the amount of sales they make. My town has four Dollar Generals, but if you combined them, they'd still be much smaller than the one Walmart store here.
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Ha! There's a great example of why a comma can often be useful for clear meaning even if it's against the style book rules. Rearranging the words would have made such a difference, too: "In 2011, New York construction workers unearthed a 19th-century woman who died of smallpox ..."
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I still have an editing kit, too, although I'm sure the glue has dried and the alcohol has evaporated. The demagnifier probably still works, but what would anyone use it for?
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At one time they were a major gas saver, and not too difficult to fix. Now everything is difficult to fix, and modern automatic transmissions don't use much more gas than a manual. But a stick shift does give you a satisfying feeling of control.
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