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My guess would be that whatever he can't pull off would come off with mineral spirits (paint thinner). It would take a long time, though, because you can't use a lot of that stuff at once. He most likely ended up with some nicely-waxed legs.
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Calling this “shabby chic” was a joke on the part of the Atlantic, one that works on several levels. Shabby Chic is a home decorating style that was really hot in the '80s and '90s. It basically consisted of trying for an organically vintage look by mainly faking age of the stuff you used (because that’s way cheaper than using actual antiques and faster than letting your stuff age organically). It was cute while it lasted, but today’s hipsters would be appalled to confront the fact that their obsession with a vintage appearance is compared to an outdated but not-so-distant-as-to-be-cool decorating fad.

A woman opened a shop in my neighborhood and named it Shabby Chic. She made it look like an antique shop, so I took a look. She had bought tons of used furniture, painted it pastel colors, distressed it, and tripled the price. I saw things I’d be liable to buy if I didn’t have to refinish it. Pastel deliberately distressed furniture just doesn’t work if you’re over 30.
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From the article:

The company initially confirmed the outage by, somehow, tweeting, from its @support account. We were unable to see the tweet, because Twitter was down. Twitter emailed the text of the tweet to the Guardian, which read: “Some users are currently experiencing problems accessing Twitter. We are aware of the issue and are working towards a resolution."

Now THAT'S journalism!
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unknown error, if everything we posted had to be "representative" of Neatorama, we'd have no variety at all. This video is interesting because, although the producers were trying to make fun of Trump supporters, the supporters rather liked it. If you have a suggestion for a post about "the other side" that would be as funny or interesting, we'd like to hear about it.
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