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How are we supposed to get rid of bullying when school insist on siding with the bullies? Their advice is to give in and conform, to give the bullies exactly the control they want. Good on Grayson for bringing this to light.
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You may be right about the location; newspapers often carry national news in addition to local. When looking for the original story, I put on my glasses and examined the original size pic at Bad Newspaper -and it really says 2013, believe it or not.
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When I was 13 or 14, I wanted a pair of Earth shoes so bad. We had to drive to a store on the University of Tennessee campus, because despite having a half-dozen clothing stores on Main Street, my little town had no Earth shoes. Then they cost TWICE as much as any shoes I'd ever worn before. I was so proud of them! But a few weeks later, I realized that walking around with your toes elevated above your heels was not all it was cracked up to be.
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That should be done, but I would lay money on it turning out okay. The problem with the Chernobyl trees appears to be the lack of microbes, not the leaves' effect on microbes.
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That brings to mind the episode of Friends when Rachel and Joey dropped spaghetti on the floor in the hallway and both got down and ate it off the floor. I guess it depends on how hungry you are!
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I wonder if these results would be replicated in other countries. Holding a door open doesn't have the same symbolism in all cultures, and neither do gender roles. I've heard that in Canada, everyone holds the door open for all the people that follow, and I can't imagine a man ever stepping through a door held by a woman in Saudi Arabia.
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Genius. Nowadays, they ask for a parent's signature on the card that consolidates all permissions at the beginning of the year. That's what they keep on file. Still, my kids perfected my signature years ago, just as I did my parents' signatures.
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Okay, let's say you would all get ten out of ten right except for those folks who want to argue over semantics. I wonder how many people who got them "wrong" are really uneducated, and how many were trying to prove a tiny point.
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I have the old ring as my ringtone. Otherwise, I'd never wake up if someone called while I am asleep. Well, my husband takes my phone when I nap, but in the middle of the night, I need to know if there's a family emergency. Any other sound would not pierce my slumber.
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I saw this at Bad Newspaper, and figured the answer was in the reflection, but still couldn't see it. I was totally clueless until I saw your post tag. I hate failing eyesight!
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I’ve commented on this on other forums, where so many of the comments say they shouldn’t be offended, because the people who say these things don’t mean any harm. When will people ever learn to think before speaking and choose their words better? Of course, for each person who says such things, it’s just an isolated incident, but when you are on the receiving end, it never stops.

If the recipient just puts up with it, nothing will ever change. At the same time, getting offended at every stupid comment is not good for your own mental health. Over the years, my daughters and I have discussed how clueless people can be, and tried to figure out together in which instances it would be right to 1. laugh it off, 2. say something appropriately short and clever, or 3. start a conversation about feelings and intentions and what would be more appropriate to say. It’s a long and involved process, but by now my kids are pretty good at judging those situations on their own.

On the one hand, children in this situation should be armed with the proper responses, but on the other hand, it’s not a child’s responsibility to change the world at the expense of her own well-being. For young children, how the parent responds is more important for the child’s security than anything a stranger (or even a friend) says.

One good thing is that the people who make thoughtless comments serve as a bad example. This sort of thing was a way to teach my children how words have an effect on those you say them to, and thinking before you speak is a big step in growing up.
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