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You have to find a balance between staying fairly sanitary and making your clothes last. What wears them out is laundry. Kids will wear something once and throw it on the floor so it's dirty even when it's not dirty. Drives me crazy. See that lint filter? That's where your favorite jeans are going! And don't get me started on kids who think their quilts have to be washed just because they're too sorry to use a top sheet.
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Those woman are already malnourished, and now they have to carry each other? At least they didn't make the carrier wear high heels! Did you notice the other model's shoes?
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Funny how Stalin considered Yugoslavia to be a US ally on par with South Korea. From the American perspective, it more more like "the enemy of our enemy is our friend." And even that didn't last all that long.
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Fascinating. We have a big upright piano that can no longer be tuned. It's 112 years old, real ebony and ivory, with lovely carving. I've considered making it into a bed, but we already have more antique beds than we use. Maybe I should make it into a storage cabinet of some sort.
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The image of Green Boots is tame compared to some I saw (do not search for Everest corpse images unless you are prepared). It's from Wikimedia Commons, so I considered posting it here for about five seconds, then decided linking it was more prudent.
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I got hit in the side of the car once by a vehicle that just pulled out and probably wasn't even going five MPH. The car was hurt pretty badly, we were spun around, but no injuries. We were all belted. My two-year-old in the back could have been dashed against the interior badly if she weren't in her car seat. That really brought the value of restraints home to me.
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When I was a freshman, I took an upper-level class as an elective. We had to read a difficult book, and a girl on my floor in the same class bragged about using the Cliff notes. The final exam had a question that involved a small but very good analogy for the entire premise of the book. That question was 25% of the grade, because it separated those who read the book from those who used the Cliff notes. Professors know what's in the Cliff notes.
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It's a bunch of people all conning each other in a hotel. They don't exactly put on a show, but there are spontaneous musical numbers. As Wikipedia says, "The plot is almost beside the point, and the story and setting are little more than an excuse for the brothers to run amok."
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You don't want raw wool. You want to pay someone to clean it, spin it, and knit it. That Irish Fisherman's sweater is priced to cover the labor involved. Take it from someone who has knitted sweaters like that, that's a lot of labor!
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So, she's giving up privacy to save $70 a month? It would be save more money to just get a roommate. But if she's actually sleeping at other people's homes, this plan is a scheme to subsidize her pastime of riding trains.
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