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If we'd had this when I was a kid, I'd be sitting there by myself. Every day. In first grade, the biggest and most influential kid in class decided she didn't like me, and no one dared to go against her opinion. For years.
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Surely you recall Annie, Ma and Pa Bailey's maid -she was "savin' up for a divorce in case I ever gets me a husband!" Which, symbolically, is even worse than having no black people at all.
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Yep, you can scan across the faces and tell they're all related. The baby will always know what he's going to look like when he's older! Looking through all the pictures, most of them are like that.

We once had a picture of 6 generations.
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The last time I ran out of napkins for the kids' lunch, I apologized to them, and they told me the school had plenty of napkins. They said they could also use the school's silverware for a lunch brought from home, so why did I buy all this plastic flatware?
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I may be showing my age here, but are "baby gender revelation parties" really a thing? Like when you get a sonogram or something? That used to be called the "birthday." But what do I know -I knew the gender of all of my kids at least a year before they arrived.
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That probably would have interfered with the lock and set off the alarm. However, my husband tells me that many such doors have alarms set at the top, and if the infrared contacts are broken by opening the door, the alarm will go off. So whoever did this knew all about where the important bits were.
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