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Fascinating. You'd think that they'd look at an entire species, say, a big cat, as a danger, or else not a danger, like other monkeys. But here they are labeling individuals in the same species as either friendly or as dangerous as a predator. Then you have to wonder how that supervisor felt when he read the research!
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Occasionally YouTube has a spasm, which I've noticed on several sites. If the page has several YouTube videos, and you reload the page, or hit a link and come back, they are sometimes fed out of order.

If you click on the title of a post, and it comes up on its own page, the right video will show.
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Wow. Just in that pull quote they refer to three totally different things as if they are the same.
1. fashion trends and being 'cool'
2. appearance and general fitness
3. maintaining our physical wellbeing
Those things may be dropped by the wayside as we age, but not at the same time. I got over being 'cool' and trendy a LONG time ago. Appearance concerns are falling away, but I still care about being fit -somewhat. I hope I am concerned with maintaining physical well-being for a long time.
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I've had all these except for the Tamagotchi, dragon, and tarantula. I would put babies at more effort than a horse, although they are both outliers. After all, you can sell a horse. But I consider babies more fun than horses -maybe I'm just weird that way.

Another thing to consider with those high-effort pets: the first one is a real hassle, but the second one tends to make things easier (horse, baby, cat, dog). I can't say a second goldfish or iguana makes caring for the first one easier, but there is less capital outlay for the second one. A second hamster or rabbit is real trouble.
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Why yes, a liger is the offspring of a lion father and a tiger mother. The reason they grow so huge is that the gene that causes growth to stop at a certain point is sex-dependent, but for different sexes in lions and tigers. I read a detailed explanation that I cannot find right now, but Gene Expression has a pretty good short version.

If the hybrid offspring is from a lion mother and a tiger father, it's called a tigon and does not grow any bigger than its parents. Neither happens in nature, because lions live in Africa and tigers live in Asia.
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Teenage me had stacks of spiral-bound notebooks filled with my innermost thoughts when a house fire destroyed them all. At the time, I regretted losing all that writing, but the older I got, the more I realized they were full of self-important emo whining. Burning was the best thing that could have happened to them.
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But that is exactly the philosophy of the organization that sponsored this contest -that endangered animals deserve our help, even if they aren't classically cute. At the heart of it all, many people love this fish because of its looks. After all, many of us are feeling the anti-aesthetic effects of gravity ourselves.
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I've never had a lasagna last long enough to be in any danger of drying out. But adding eggs would help with a little problem I DO have: when I mix ricotta, parmesan, pepper, and parsley, I end up tasting it too much, and the stuff's in danger of running out!
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It really bothered me that the "roommate" was right there and did not respond to the fire nearly as quickly as a normal person would. A person on fire might lose all common sense, but a witness shouldn't.
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