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I've read several opinions that football would be safer if we removed the entire helmet and most of the padding. Maybe then a 150-pound quarterback would sensibly run from a 400-pound linebacker instead of letting himself be crushed. Or parents would refuse to let kids play football, which would keep them all much safer.
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That's why we send buses to get the kids, and make it illegal to NOT send your kids to school. However, you can declare your child home schooled if you really don't want them to go. But attendance is still pretty good in my impoverished area, since kids get a ride, an education, free breakfast and lunch, and parents don't have to pay a babysitter.
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One small town I lived in, the school superintendent would call me to determine whether they should hold school. I was the morning DJ at a radio station on a hill, and I had to be on the air at 5:30 AM. If I made it up the hill with my car, the roads were fine. If not, the school buses would never be able to run their routes. I walked up that hill a lot.
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The difference in the the US is that the schools get paid (by the state government) based on average daily attendance. When attendance is low, it brings the average down, so if x number of kids are missing, they will call off school. That's why there is an occasional "flu day" when too many kids are sick.
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If they honestly cannot afford school lunches, they would get them free. Schools go the extra mile to sign up as many kids as possible for free lunches, because the government reimburses more than the schools pay for them (which may vary among states).
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At my kids' high school, a lunch lady punches in a student's 4-digit account number before they can enter the lunch line. If you are more than $5 overdrawn, your number is rejected and NO SOUP FOR YOU! I don't know if they are so strict at the elementary schools.

I pack lunches. They are more nutritious than what the school offers.
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I had never heard anything like what you say, so I looked around to see if there’s anything to it. Your specific allegations only seem to appear on right wing websites. But I traced the source of “most economists” to two of them from UCLA. They seem to mostly blame the wage and price controls of the NRA, a program which only lasted two years and then was declared unconstitutional. The New Deal was a extremely varied set of programs that were tried and only continued if they proved to work.

Somehow, the “most economists” trope morphed into “most historians” when Fox News got hold of it. Turns out that the UCLA study used somewhat faulty data.

The truth is that some of the New Deal programs were failures, and then were discontinued, and some were great successes. They put people into jobs, and kept many from starving. When things started looking good in 1937, the Roosevelt administration pulled back on government stimulus spending, and saw that the economy started to tank again. A big infusion of stimulus funds the next year put the recovery back on track. Economists still do not agree on how that worked.
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Art, like anything else, is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it. But as Melissa said, it doesn't matter what it's really worth; it's in a museum and not to play on.

I have two daughters, five stepchildren, and two grandkids, so I know that kids will do what they want WHEN YOU LET THEM DO ANYTHING THEY WANT.
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