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Great idea. Now, when people consider a tattoo, they have to weigh the price and pain involved with the outcome. It sounds like the price will be in line with a one-year tat. But will the pain (and possible infection) involved be worth it?
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When my brother was in college, some guys in the dorm threw chunks of sodium in the toilet because the toilet would just throw them back. Until one of these geniuses got the great idea to flush one, and shards of porcelain went everywhere.
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While other government agencies sit around and talk about ideas to improve peoples' lives, then spend years designing a pilot program that ends up being too complicated to understand and difficult to use, the local library just up and does it.
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My advice: spend as much as you can on linens and skimp on dishes. It's a happy feeling to be tired and fall into a bed with 800-thread-count all-cotton sheets.
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I think manufacturers get the specs first, and then retool to make what the military wants -because they buy SO MUCH of it. If we are lucky, there may be some surplus, or else they'll make enough to sell on the side!
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That lower back spot is the only place a cat cannot scratch himself. My cats don't get this weird, but they do go a bit nuts when you scratch them there. A couple of them will start licking my arm automatically.
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I found a few, which differ depending on whether you look at pictures of them in their young adult days or their White House days. One took their personalities into account. Jackie Kennedy is always #1. I didn't keep the links because two were from NSFW sites and one was just too mean-spirited.
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I was surprised at M*A*S*H. Then I realized this is IMDb ratings, not Nielsen ratings. I think older shows suffered from that, since older folks probably don't register IMDb ratings that much. Watching a show from week to week over years is very different from syndicated reruns or binge-watching.
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After clicking through several pages, I found the terms and conditions. Just as I thought, they are paying ONE person £1,000, and getting hundreds of boob pictures to publish anytime.

The Promoter reserves the right to publish entries (including parts of entries) other than the winning entry and publication does not necessarily mean the entrant has won a prize.
Entrants will retain copyright in their submitted entries, however, by entering, all entrants licence the Promoter a worldwide royalty-free perpetual licence to edit, publish and use each entry in any and all media (including print and online) for publicity and news purposes.

The entries they've published so far all say "© Not known" even when the entrant is holding the camera. They deserve to be trolled.
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While the work at this school is commendable, you have to remember it's a charter school. It isn't easy to get in, so you need a supportive family to even try. And charter schools expel more students than public schools.

At Urban Prep Academies, which annually boasts a nearly perfect college acceptance rate, more than 3 percent of the student body was expelled during the last school year at three campuses. At district-run schools, just over 0.05 percent of the student body was expelled last year.
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Not surprising. A lot of the qualities that declined only did so because other qualities rose. The top few can be explained by the modern notion that you should love your spouse. Desire for home and children rose because it used to be a given instead of an option. Other factors that rose up only did so because the importance of chastity declined drastically.
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I've done some pretty harsh things with my kids like this, even cancelled a birthday party once. But I always talked to them and gave them the chance to do the right thing first. My motto: "You can learn this the easy way or the hard way." Take my advice right now or suffer the consequences.
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