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You don't want raw wool. You want to pay someone to clean it, spin it, and knit it. That Irish Fisherman's sweater is priced to cover the labor involved. Take it from someone who has knitted sweaters like that, that's a lot of labor!
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So, she's giving up privacy to save $70 a month? It would be save more money to just get a roommate. But if she's actually sleeping at other people's homes, this plan is a scheme to subsidize her pastime of riding trains.
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My school band room had different levels set in a semi-circle. I sat on the far right. My buddies and I would often start yawning just to see how many people on the opposite end, facing us, would start yawning. Most of them!
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Seems that this took a lot of collaboration and secrecy: you'd think the marine biologist community and the dive school community would be well-known to each other, and then there were all the safety rules involving other people, like the brother and others who were in on it. Hard to pull off, but very touching, because Markie focused on Sarah's world, instead of her own or just a splashy (haha) public proposal.
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