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The story at the beginning intrigued me. A little digging shows that it’s a true story, except that it was NOT the same child the second time. The fact that Figlock was a street sweeper means he was on the streets of the city all day every day and more likely to encounter falling children than the average man. The same child falling was a later embellishment, as are the versions of the story that put it in more recent decades. Ancestry.com lists two Joseph Figlocks in Detroit from the 1940 census. One was born in 1884 and the other in 1907. Possibly father and son?
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My, how things change. Thirty years ago, every radio station supplied cheap ($20), heavy headphones that the air staff would abuse. They broke regularly, so you couldn't rely on having the necessary equipment at work. So I invested in a set of Sennheiser ultralights for $250, a princely sum for a dj back then. No one touched them but me. They looked so delicate, but worked great for decades.
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Maybe I should have explained further. There are three colleges in the U.S. that are free but put students to work for the school. Two are in Kentucky. My kid didn't get into any of them, so she will be joining the legions of the indebted.
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I've always been dropped from jury duty, because they always ask if you know anyone who's ever been arrested on drug charges. Well, duh. They end up with juries full of people 80 years old and up.
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It wasn't too bad when I did it in the '70s. Got 12 albums for a penny, then bought three more under obligation for $7, that's $8 with shipping, and then quit. (LPs were $5 in a store at the time.) I would select an alternative to their pick of the month and got what I wanted. No problem. I crunched the numbers before I signed up.
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No, the guy in the iconic photo was pulled away by other protesters. What happened to him later is a mystery. Friends will not identify him, the government will not admit he exists. I suppose it's the same way with those who were killed.
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I once stockpiled a few hundred pounds of pine needles to use as garden mulch. When I started using it, I unearthed a nest of bunnies. They looked newborn, so I just covered them back up. Within a few days, the yard was hopping with baby bunnies! It's amazing how fast they grow.

Oh, and they pretty much ate all my vegetables that summer.
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Star Trek by a mile. You can't beat the transporter, replicator, and holodeck. Yeah sure, they were conceived as an easy way to get around paying for more expensive special effects, but all our greatest inventions were conceived as an easier way to get things done.
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