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When you are in a powerless class, like a child, and someone in power decides there is knowledge you can't have because of the authority's agenda for your life, and you can't even find out why, it makes little difference who that authority is. The solution is not to restrict reading, but to expand it.
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The first time the public school needed a permission slip to read a book (and I don't recall which book it was), I tacked another note on top, granting all my children permission to read any book any time, forever, and please file this note in the school office or library.
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The one I like that I see a lot of is: "Required: Five years experience in [some programming language that was launched two years ago]."

HR people say that requirements are more like a "wish list," and my husband says he's applied for jobs that he wasn't qualified for all his life, and got many of them. So apply anyway!
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Double-checked. Tussie-mussies came about in the 18th century, stuck around a long time, and her book is about the Victorian era. I think I've fixed it as much as I could!
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I thought about that, too, and that's why I didn't excerpt any of the actual "incriminating" story. But all that took place years ago, the principles are long gone, and he said the younger generation on Tristan da Cunha really doesn't care that much.
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We've had so many posts about quack medicine and snake oil. Those old patent medicines were full of alcohol, opium, cocaine, morphine, and they didn't cure anything, but damn, they made people feel better. And they didn't cost hundreds of dollars.
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Wow, they really didn't let you do anything in detention? I did homework, or reading assignments, or reading for pleasure if I was caught up. Believe me, I did plenty of detention. Staring into space would have driven me nuts.
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Thanks for that, headsign. I was mainly looking for a way to link the earlier video. I'll re-word that. There's a world of things I don't know about languages.
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