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These poor babies. Even if a pet has no experience with a veterinarian, they can smell the fear and sometimes sickness of other animals that preceded them. If we could only explain it better to them!
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A long time ago, my two-year-old announced loudly that she wanted to use a fork for breakfast, although she couldn't pronounced the "r". This was in a hotel atrium among about a hundred people, who turned to look when they heard "I WANNA FOCK!" So I loudly answered, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH A SPOON?"
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The human equivalent is that while we are looking at our screens, watching frogs watch a video on a cell phone screen, the NSA is watching us on their screens. And some alien race is watching the whole thing on their high-power telescopes.
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I saw this and first thought, "Of course, the back of a van is the best place to build a toolbox." But then I saw the second picture and realized that the van is no longer running...
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Never in my life have I gone clothes shopping for myself with a boyfriend along. Or husband. It just seems very strange to me to even think about taking someone along besides maybe my mother or a girlfriend. I don't shop for clothes for myself often, but I prefer to do it alone.
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Trunk or treat is a great idea, and these decorated cars are awesome. What's sad is the reason we do it. So many neighborhoods are built for cars over pedestrians, with houses too far apart, no sidewalks, and dangerously fast traffic. And then there are rural families, who not only have no trick-or-treaters, but no one to look at their house decorations!
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My husband has seven kids and a basement storage room. The problem is, that basement is used for storage of all his tools and equipment, filled so much that we can't find anything!
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My two kids have band practice until dark, then hours of homework. I had to make an appointment to help one apply for college and give the other a driving lesson.

Now I'm all verklempt.
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The takeaway paragraph in this ad is this:

"Lysol" has has amazing, proved power to kill germ-life on contact . . . truly cleanses the vaginal canal even in the presence of mucous matter. Thus "Lysol" acts in a way that makeshifts like soap, salt or soda never can.

Notice the original stress on the words "acts" and "never can." Savvy women read that as a birth control method, and indeed that's what Lysol was hinting at. That's all they could do, because even telling women about birth control methods was illegal back then. Although it was ineffective to use in this manner, I can imagine that the long-term effects of this caustic solution rendered at least some women eventually infertile.
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