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No, the guy who lived there doesn't own the house or garage, but he was glad he make the call before the roof collapsed so the cops would know he didn't encourage people to climb up there.
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Among many great stories of children sticking things up their noses at reddit, this comment stands out:

When my son was 3 we were leaving a campground. Suddenly from his chair in the back seat he starts yelling "Agggh!...waisin! waisin!" while swatting the right side of his nose. My wife takes a peek and sure enough, a huge raisin is jammed up there. I turn the car around and start bee lining to the next town where we could get a doctor, or tweezers, or chopsticks, or something. On the way my wife is trying to get him to blow his nose. "Hold the tissue over your nose and breath out as hard as you can! Like this..!" He tries a few times when ploot, out of the other nostril flies a pumpkin seed.
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I think it would be a significant number. For one thing, an amazing number of Americans can't tell one Middle Eastern country from another.

The second thing is the way poll questions are worded, because how you ask can be leading. If you asked "What nation is most responsible for 9/11?" you'll get a variety of answers (because people can't tell one Middle Eastern country from another). If you ask "Do you think that Iraq is responsible for 9/11?" you'll get folks who knee-jerk a "yes" and then some people who think, "Well I never thought of it that way, but now that you bring it up, yes."
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Wow. From the title, I thought this was going to be a video game.

It honestly sounds like a retrofitted law. A Grand Vizier escaped by fleeing the executioner, and the Sultan explained it by "a little known rule," which then became enshrined forever.
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The chart is, understandably, by and for Millennials (and younger Gen X), who make up the audience of College Humor. Leaving The Jungle Book out is a crime for anyone older. Robin Hood should be there somewhere, as well as The Sword in the Stone.

101 Dalmatians was the first Disney movie I saw, followed by Lady and the Tramp.
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There's a formation like that, visible from the interstate in Tennessee. It's where a mountain fell over on its side and the various layers of sediment were eroded unevenly.
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Dog: I may be small, but I am a ferocious guard dog, and I will loyally defend my family and territory to the end, you miscreant intruder!

Bobcat: Hey, wanna play?
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