Obscure Regional Pizza Varieties

In Altoona, Pennsylvania, they serve pizza in squares with each portion holding a slice of salami and a square of American cheese. St. Louis pizza is made on unleavened bread and topped with Provel cheese instead of mozzarella. Colorado's giant pizzas are sweetened with honey. We hear a lot about New York style and Chicago style pizzas, but many places have their own pizza traditions, which you might think are weird or which you might want to plan a road trip around. Each style has a story behind it, even if that story is lost to time. Check out six different pizza styles that go against the grain of the chains, and where to get them, at Atlas Obscura.

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Now I have learned that what we used to call "fancy sandwiches" was really "struggle pizza." The difference is that we always had bread, but rarely had pizza dough. My dad would make "fancy sandwiches" by putting an open-face salami and cheese in the oven.
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Yeah, that Altoona pizza doesn't really belong on the list. Because it's "struggle pizza". Everyone in their life has made a pizza like this from leftovers in the fridge. You have a pizza dough in your house, some sauce, and you realize you're low on money and proper toppings. So you put whatever you have on that dough, throw it in the oven. It's usually pretty awful, but you're hungry and you eat it anyway. That's the only rational explanation for anyone eating pizza with american cheese (and a crappy looking pillsbury crust). It's not really a regional delicacy, it's just struggle pizza. That being said, I would love to try everything else on the list.
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I am fully ok with pinapple, french fries and iother more or less questionable things to be on pizza, but velveeta or american cheese is just not acceptable. Pizza strips lack the cheese, but that is somehow ok, as they are pizza strips and not stip pizzas.. By the way, oregano is nearly always necessarry for a good pizza.
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