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The X-Men Guide to Puberty

All mutants go through that awkward stage when their mutations begin to affect their bodies. But it's okay! Don't feel bad about it and don't feel like you can't ask questions about what you're experiencing. Professor Xavier is here to help you with this handy guide. Click on the link to read the rest.

Link | Image: Caldwell Tanner

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

"No, She Lives in a Dark Place Now."

This funny mashup by an unknown cartoonist references the children's TV show Teletubbies and the horror film The Ring. The demonic Samara Morgan emerges from a different sort of television set.

Link -via Geekosystem | Image: unknown

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Embroidered X-Rays

Philadelphia-based artist Matthew Cox combines x-ray images and embroidery to show a clinical, scientific world below a colorful, artistic surface. Many of his works are portraits of pop culture figures including Snow White, Miss Piggy, and David Bowie.

Link -via Flavorwire

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Logo on a Pizza

The blog Foogos displays the work of a brilliant advertising agent who makes logos out of food products, such as this very appropriate TMNT pizza. In the gallery, you can find other food logos, primarily those of superheroes and sports teams. The Philadelphia Flyers logo in roast beef and cheddar? Good choice!

Link and Gallery -via Comics Alliance

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The Imperial March by Two Floppy Disk Drives

(Video Link)

Although the Imperial March from Star Wars has played on a floppy disk drive before, it's never been done this well. A blogger who goes by the name Silent explained how he did it:

The sound comes from a magnetic head moved by stepper motor. To make a specific sound, head must be moved with appropriate frequency.

FDD has a simple interface – the description may be found for example [ HERE ]. To move the head you need to activate the drive by pulling the DRVSB0 or 1 (depends on the cable you have and the connector – notice the crossover on the FDD ribbon cable) pin low and then falling edge on STEP pin makes the head move one step in direction dependent on DIR pin state.

An ATMega microcontroller is generating those frequencies and it makes the drives play music.

Link -via DVICE

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Captain Al Cohol

In 1973, the government of the Northwest Territories, Canada, commissioned a comic book to address alcoholism in the indigenous population. The result was a series featuring "Captain Al Cohol", an alien who crashed onto Earth. The Captain has a drinking problem.

You can read the entire first issue at the link. I'm not sure if alcohol gives the titular character super strength, or causes debilitation. It's not clear whether he is a villain, a hero, or a victim. But the story, however bizarre, is certainly a product of the 1970s.

Link -via Nag on the Lake

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The World's Fastest Couch Can Go 101 MPH

(Video Link)

On Monday, Glen Suter did something most men only get to dream about: driving a couch faster than anyone else ever has. He set a Guinness World Record by driving a couch equipped with a 1400 cc motorcycle engine up to 101 miles per hour. This shattered the previous record of 92 miles per hour.

Link -via Jalopnik | Previously: World's Fastest Furniture

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Perfectly Positioned

It looks like a pretty but not extraordinary illustration, right? Keep scrolling.

It's actually a series of sheets of bullet-proof glass suspended so that they look like a face when viewed from the right angle. Michael Murphy assembled this sculpture. This and other works by him are on display at gallery nine5 in New York City.

Link -via Colossal

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Krang Tattoo is Hungry

Krang is a villain in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. He is also hungry. Would you be so kind as to give him a cookie?

-via Geekologie | Photo: Unknown

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What, This? It's Just a Huge Solar Flare

Don't worry, the Earth isn't that close! It was just inserted into the picture so you could get a sense of the size of this huge solar flare that emerged last Thursday. It was spat out by sunspot AR 1302, which is so big that you can see it with the naked eye.

Link | Photo: JP Brahic

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Muppet Stormtroopers

Since it was Jim Henson's birthday, Mike Lica and Derek Lane-Waters of the 501st Legion (an organization of people who dress as stormtroopers) made these realistic Gonzo and Kermit costumes. I hope that they're just Rebel agents pretending to serve the Empire.

Link -via The Mary Sue

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The ThunderLOLcats are Memetastic!

(Video Link)

Thundera is under attack by stupid Internet memes and the only weapons that can defeat them are even stupider Internet memes. In this video, Cartoon Network's MAD imagines the 80s cartoon ThunderCats the way that it thankfully never was.

-via Miss Cellania

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Horrifying and Awesome: Chicken Nuggets Shaped Like Scoops

Innovation sometimes permits us to solve problems that we didn't even know existed. For example, did it ever occur to you that chicken nuggets are not, by themselves, efficient vehicles for ingesting high-fat sauces? I certainly didn't think of it until I saw this picture of a new nugget designed by the food engineers of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. It's shaped like a scoop so that you can ladle sauce into your mouth, and then eat the ladle.

Link -via Gizmodo

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Virtual Monkeys Recreate the Works of Shakespeare

The infinite monkey theorem proposes that a group of monkeys, or even a single one, could reproduce the collected works of William Shakespeare by hitting random keystrokes if given sufficient time. It is, however, hard to prove this theorem with an experiment that uses actual monkeys. So computer engineer Jesse Anderson created a simulation that successfully reproduced 99.9% of the Bard's published writings:

"The computer program I wrote compares that monkey's gibberish to every work of Shakespeare to see if it actually matches a small portion of what Shakespeare wrote. If it does match, the portion of gibberish that matched Shakespeare is marked with green," Andersen explained on his blog. "The parts of Shakespeare that have not been found are colored white. This process is repeated over and over until the monkeys have created every work of Shakespeare through random gibberish."

Anderson developed the project to test Amazon's web servers, but also to satisfy his curiosity of whether an infinite number of monkeys could randomly reproduce Shakespeare's work by pecking away on an infinite number of typewriters.

Link -via Geekologie | Photo by Flickr user Jemima G used under Creative Commons license

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Classic Album Covers over Real Life

Photographer Matthieu Raffard superimposed classic LP album covers over appropriate backgrounds for an ad campaign for the French radio station Ouï FM. Above is Roxy Music's 1975 album Siren overlaying the French city of Brest.

Link (Google Translate) | Photographer's Website

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Manland: IKEA's Babysitting Service for Husbands and Boyfriends

(Video Link)

Sorry, guys, but this shopping trip to IKEA is going to take longer than you think. The woman in your life would like to spend a looooooong time looking at various options. Why? I have no idea, but this particular IKEA offers an alternative to the tedium. Manland is an in-house temporary daycare center that keeps men occupied with snacks and pinball machines while the ladies shop.

Link -via DVICE

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Steampunk Nerf Gun

Etsy seller Faustus70 started out with a Nerf Barricade. He turned it into this beauty with slats from an old wooden chair and aluminum sheeting riveted into place by hand. The scope, like the gun, is completely functional at a magnification of x3.

Link -via Technabob | Previously: Steampunk Nerf Gun

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Chicken Wing Jewelry

You know what you need? A piece of chicken around your neck. No, really! Let's say a fried chicken wing, painted a nice shade of pink, and then suspended from a gold chain around your neck. Here, put it on before you go to that job interview. You want to make a good impression, right?

Link -via Nerdcore | Photo: Onch Movement

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Ordinary Paper Airplane Goes for Quite a Trip

(Video Link)

redditor Blackandredflag and his friends were tossing paper airplanes off what looks like the top of a tall dormitory. One airplane flight kept going and going and going...and ended perfectly.

-via reddit

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Logan's Run Birthday Party

Logan's Run is a dystopia in which people live to the age of thirty, and not a day longer. On Last Day, they attend Carrousel, where they believe they re-enter the cycle of death and reincarnation. Carrousel is a lie, of course, as Logan 5 and Jessica 6 discover. Jess Hemerly is a big fan of the movie, so for her thirtieth birthday, she held a Logan's Run-themed party. She wore a dress like the one actress Jenny Agutter wore in the movie and made this neat origami arrangement that looks like Carrousel. Check out her Flickr set at the link.

Link -via Boing Boing | Hemerly's Website

Previously: Enormous Logan's Run LEGO Diorama

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Man Throws 4,800 Bottles with Messages out to Sea, Gets 3,100 Replies

Harold Hackett of Prince Edward Island, Canada, does what the BBC calls "old-school social networking." Since 1996, he's tossed 4,800 bottles into the sea. The currents have carried some of them to Europe, Africa, the United States, and Caribbean islands. He knows this because he's received more than 3,100 letters from people, many of whom share their inner thoughts with this stranger from across the ocean. Watch the video at the link about Hackett's story.

Link (self-starting audio) -via Gizmodo

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Watch Takeru Kobayashi Chug a Gallon of Milk in 18 Seconds

(Video Link)

Some people say that competitive eating isn't a sport. Don't say that in front of world hotdog eating champion Takeru Kobayashi. He'll out eat you anytime. Here he is at a conference in New York City showing that he hasn't lost his magical powers.

-via That's Nerdalicious!

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Mathematical Haircut

Nick Sayers demonstrates his knowledge of geometry through a unique haircut:

The obtuse angles of each rhombus meet in groups of three, but the acute angles meet in groups of five, six, or seven, depending on the curvature. In the flatter areas, they meet in groups of six, like equilateral triangles, and in the areas of strong positive curvature they meet in groups of five, but in the negatively curved saddle at the back of the neck, there is a group of seven.

Link | Previously by Sayers: Geometric Sculpture Made from Coffee Stirrers

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Daffy Duck Doesn't Need a Dungeon Master

(Video Link)

This clip from the new Looney Tunes Show imagines Daffy Duck as an immensely powerful wizard. Or at least, that's what he thinks. Despite the frame selection above, the video is completely SFW.

-via The Mary Sue

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Buttered Pancakes Floor Pillows

I love this pillow set design by Todd von Bastiaans and Bryan McCarthy. They really do look like pancakes with pats of butter!

Link -via Super Punch

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Top 10 Books Lost to Time

A Latin professor once told me that the number of texts that have survived from antiquity to modern times may be likened to a single cup of sand from a beach. But it's not just major works from classical Greece and Rome that are lost. Some books by modern authors, too, have not survived the ravages of time. Megan Gambino of Smithsonian magazine has a roundup of ten books that are mentioned in various places, but have never been located. Among them is Cardenio, a play that William Shakespeare may have written:

There is evidence that Shakespeare’s company, the King’s Men, performed the play for King James I in May 1613—and that Shakespeare and John Fletcher, his collaborator for Henry VIII and Two Noble Kinsmen, wrote it. But the play itself is nowhere to be found.

And what a shame! From the title, scholars infer that the plot had something to do with a scene in Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote involving a character named Cardenio. (A translation of Don Quixote was published in 1612 and would have been available to Shakespeare.)

A lost book that I would love to read is an account by Pytheas of Marseilles, a Fourth Century BCE Greek explorer. He is thought to have explored Britain and the Baltic Sea long before other Greek explorers reached these areas. Alas, his manuscript survives only in quotation by other ancient authors.

Link -via Marginal Revolution | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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Amazing Dancer Looks Like He's Animated Instead of Real

(Video Link)

Marquese Scott moves in a way that looks inhuman. How does he do it? If you're too busy to watch the whole video, skip ahead to the 4 minute mark.

-via Althouse | Scott's Website

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The Plan to Build a Fake Paris during World War I

Strategic bombing during World War I worried the French enough that they decided to build a fake Paris outside of the real one to distract German pilots. They hoped that this series of sheds, lights and roads would lure the enemy away from their capital. Although the French began construction, the war ended it before completion. Ptak Science Books has copies of a 1920 article from the Illustrated London News about the project.

Link -via io9

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Rubber Bookshelves

You won't need bookends with these shelves designed by Luke Hart. Just stretch out the silicone until the books fit snugly. They're on display today in London at the Sculpture House of the London Design Festival.

Link -via Colossal

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When They Were Young, Star Wars Edition

Babies are so cute, and young Star Wars villains are no exception. Etsy seller Octopus Tree House made prints of Darth Vader, Jabba the Hutt, Boba Fett, and a Tusken raider before they were famous.

Link -via Technabob

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