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In 1921, This Man Was Judged as the World's Greatest Kisser

André BruléBut only because I had not yet been born. According to the 19 September 1921 issue of the Minneapolis Tribune, a prestigious panel of experts judged French actor André Brulé the greatest kisser in the world:

According to the jury, Brulé's perfect kiss was according to the following procedure. He took careful aim, and then with his right arm waistward and his left foot used as a pivot, swung suddenly, implanting the kiss exactly in the middle of the mouth. The advantage of this method, which, it is declared, requires long practice, is that the girl has no time to escape.
Berenger's style consists in seizing the chin softly but firmly in the left hand, while the right hand behind the neck insinuates the head forward.
The jury styled the American kisses as “flaccid,” the Russian “eruptive,” the Italian “burning,” the English “tepid,” the Spanish “vampirish” and the French “chaste.”

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"How Strong Is a Hobbit?" -- A Physicist Looks at The Hobbit

Bilbo BagginsScientists see the world very differently than non-scientists do. While you and I may read or watch The Lord of the Rings and think of it as a compelling work of fantasy, Rhett Alain, a college physics instructor, sees physical quandaries to resolve. For example, relative to a human, how strong is a hobbit? Alain offers a math-heavy explanation incomprehensible to me before concluding:

If a hobbit is 72% the height of a human, he would just have 52% the strength. Let’s say a normal adult human male can bench press 150 pounds (just making this up people). That would mean the hobbit could bench press 78 pounds.

Having answered that question, Alain then ponders the maximum mass of Smaug based on his estimated wingspan.

Link | Image: New Line Cinema

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Vulcan Earrings

If Nature didn't give you lovely pointed ears, accentuate what you have with these earrings that will accelerate any Vulcan male's seven year itch. Raja Gondkar, a designer in Mumbai, won a fashion award for these bridal earrings.

Link -via When Geeks Wed

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Woman Can Write in Two Different Languages at the Same Time

(Video Link)

It's hard enough to write with both hands at the same time. But Chen Siyuan of Handan, China can do even more: she can simultaneously write Chinese with one hand and English with the other hand.

Link (warning: auto-sound) -via Marginal Revolution

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Adventure Time Wedding Cake Topper

Adventure Time

Well, of course it was Finn and Fionna! I know: a lot of people (including, embarrassingly, me) predicted that Finn and the Hot Dog Princess would ultimately tie the knot. But ImSodaHyper guessed right and made this wedding cake topper out of polymer clay for the happy couple.


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Fishermen Catch Porsche

Fishermen off the coast of southern China pulled up a Porsche Cayenne SUV a few days ago:

The SUV, originally worth over one million yuan, was later sold to a local car garage for only 4,000 yuan. Experienced fishermen said the car may have been down there for two years. 

They also caught a Lamborghini Gallardo, but it got away.

Link -via Jalopnik | Photo: GX News

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The Weirdest Hamburger Designs Ever

asteroid impact

What happens to a hamburger when its fundamental design is left in the hands of malicious graphic designers? Behold Fat & Furious, a project by French designers Thomas and Quentin. They've reimagined the burger in ways that will shock the mind and stomach, including this one due to arrive in just a few days. It has bacon, beef, scamorza cheese, red cabbage and salt.

Link and Official Website -via Bit Rebels

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In the Old Days, The Kessel Run Was for Kids

Millennium Falcon

And we sure did enjoy it, as artist Kevin R. Adams reminds us. *Hrumph* I was the last kid in my neighborhood to get a YT-1300 Light Freighter. My parents made me save up paper route money to buy my own. Later, I grew to appreciate their decision.

Artist's Website -via Distracted by Star Wars

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On-Site Embroidery


There's little information available in English, but it appears that  Stéphanie Cailleau believes in taking embroidery out into the world. A capital idea! She's marked this bale of hay with the prudent advice "Don't let me on the straw!"

Artist's Website (Translation) -via Lustik

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2,000 Ping Pong Balls and 30 Teachers in Zero Gravity

(Video Link)

Kids, would you like to see your teacher throw up on camera? The Northrop Grumman Foundation is here to help. Or was. Sadly, the Weightless Flights of Discovery Program was shut down last year. But while it operated, the program put teachers into vomit comets. Here's a flight from 2010 that also involved a lot of ping pong balls.

Link -via It's Okay to Be Smart

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Hobbit Hole Nails

Hobbit Hole

It was a hobbit-nail, and that means comfort. But perhaps some difficulty typing. Nail art maestro Kayleigh O'Connor added Bag End to her thumb along with some pleasant greenery from the Shire. She writes:

I've never tried anything on this scale before. It's a solid, 3D nail which is supposed to resemble a little Hobbit-hole. It's about an inch long and an inch high, made using clay, fake grass stuff and acrylic paints/nail varnishes.

O'Connor also made an impressive set of Gandalf nails.

Hobbit Nails | Gandalf Nails

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Pepsi and Chicken Flavored Potato Chips

potato chips

That's not drinking Pepsi while eating chicken flavored potato chips, but potato chips that are infused with Pepsi flavoring and chicken flavoring. Yummy! This product of both Lay's and PepsiCo will soon be available in China:

Cola chicken is a common recipe in China, with chicken wings tossed into a wok and caramelized in soy sauce, spices and cola. In potato-chip form, the flavor is vaguely similar to barbecue with a sugary aftertaste. If there's any hint of Pepsi, it's fleeting and lacks fizz.

Link -via Foodbeast | Image: BBDO

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How to Make Unicorn Horn Cookies

unicorn horn

To make kristylynn84's unicorn horn cookies, first make sugar cookie dough in several different colors. Roll them into sticks, then twist them around cream horn forms. Make small circular cookies to serve as caps. Bake, then stuff with candy.

Shoot, make them big enough, and you could probably fill them with unicorn poop cookies.

Link -via That's Nerdalicious!

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Learn to Dance the Charlie Brown Way

(Video Link)

Not everyone can intuitively dance like the kids in A Charlie Brown Christmas can. Thankfully, Linus Van Pelt III is here to help you klutzes get ready for Chistmas festivities. Learn the Dramatic Chipmunk, the Self Breast Exam, the Third Base Coach and more.

-via Pleated Jeans

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The Egret Dancers of Japan


For about 500 years, liturgical dancers in Japan have imitated the movements and appearance of the white egret. The blogger behind Tokyobling was present at one such performance:

These days the ritualized dance called sagimai (鷺舞) takes place in a handful of places around Japan, with slight variations. It is probably one of the most spectacular ritual dances in Japan today. I came across this performance in Asakusa on the morning of the great Jidai Matsuri (festival of the ages) where they had an unannounced performance right in front of the temple. It was hugely crowded and the only thing I could do to get a decent shot was to use a zoom lens from quite a distance, it was too crowded to get anywhere near the dancers at street level, so unfortunately I can’t show you just how cool the look when they mimic the birds and the move in a synchronized group.

Link -via Lustik | Video of the Dance | Photo: Tokyobling

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Edible Chocolate Leech and Lesion


Yes, it's a delicious leech, but there's more! Cakes for Breakfast made this leech out of chocolate. It also made a chocolate crested slug, crested newt, snail, earthworm and eel. Dig in!

Link -via Nerdcore | Baker's Facebook Gallery

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How to Carve an Elephant According to a Sixteenth Century Cookbook

The Renaissance brought about a revival in classical cookery, including a 1541 edition of a classic Roman cookbook. A 1905 issue of The Strand describes it:

One of these bears the date 1541, and amongst the dishes herein enumerated we may find hot-pots of cowheel, pickled broom buds, and Tetrapharmacon, of which the latter delicacy we are told that it was made of pheasant, peacock, a wild sow's hock and udder, with a bread pudding over it.

The manuscript also contained a recipe for yummy dormouse sausages and this handy if vague chart for butchering an elephant.

Link -via VA Viper

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Rainbow Dash Muscle Car

Rainbow Dash

This totally boss car muscle car became 20% cooler as soon as its owner painted Rainbow Dash on the side. Jovianwolfgirl spotted it and took the picture, but it has been seen elsewhere, bringing coolness, awesomeness and radicalness everywhere it goes.


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Plush BattleTech Mech


Alix made this custom plush on commission. She's dubbed the little fellow "Grayson," perhaps after Grayson Death Carlyle, a famous Marauder pilot. He can stand up on his own and overheat to the point of engine shutdown within two rounds.


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Pieke Bergmans's Playful Street Lights

Pieke Bergmans

Dutch designer Pieke Bergmans is a master of whimsy. Her designs show objects coming to life and having fun. These steet lights, recently displayed at her solo exhibition in Miami, are typical. The central theme in her work is the virus. What does that mean?

Pieke’s products are called viruses, due to their natural forms and the way they come to life. But eventually, the biggest virus of them all is the designer in person. Manipulating standard production processes is by all means viral behavior. In general mass production, a single form is endlessly and perfectly multiplied like a healthy cell. As she allows room for change and serendipity, Pieke aims to create processes in which products are never completely the same. Like a virus, her products change and adapt to various conditions, disrupting common ideas and the predictable evolution of form and design.

Link -via Ian Brooks | Artist's Website | Photo: Pieke Bergmans

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Bill Posters Is Innocent!


The @2new4streetview project warps the appearance of reality by photographing people performing stunts on imaginary skateboards. You can see more photos and a video of how they are created at the link.

Link -via Dude Craft

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Cigarette Hat

cigarette hat

From the archives of Modern Mechanix comes this invention from 1932. For the chainsmoker on the go, this hat offers rapid reloading.

Link -via Retronaut

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The Most Bowling Strikes Scored in One Minute

(Video Link)

Last year, in Gainesville, Florida, Chad McLean bowled nine strikes in one minute, clinching a Guinness World Record. He didn't score a strike on all of his throws, but he did on most of them.

-via Yababoon

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Edible Santa Cups

Santa cups

These Santa suits are made of confectionery coating molded around plastic cups, then accented with modeling chocolate, then filled with candy. Basically, they're pure sugar. Feed them to your kids immediately before leaving them in someone else's care.

Link -via Tasteologie

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Porcelain Christmas Tree

Inge Vanluyd, Stefan Vanbergen and many residents of Hasselt, Belgium erected this tree in that city. It's made from 5,000 old ceramic plates and cups. The artists explained the tree's purpose:

At home we all have odd plates and cups which just don’t go with anything and as a consequence never find their way out of the cupboard. We noticed that friends and family also had ‘spare’ plates hanging around the house. This was enough to get us thinking about a creative destination for these everyday objects. That’s how we ended up with a porcelain Christmas tree. We decorated the tree with objects which would otherwise have remained invisible.

Link | Artists' Website

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Brony Graffiti

The mysterious ShinodaGE, a "brony graffiti artist," inscribed these images in Trelew, Argentina. Street art has long served as the vanguard of emerging, revolutionary movements.

The bronyhood is rising.

You can't stop it.


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Completely Edible iPhone Case

iPhone Case

Hungry? Need to send a tweet? Now you no longer have to choose between eating and wasting time online. The Senbei Rice Cracker iPhone 5 case is technically food and will provide some impact resistance to your smartphone. It's now sold out, but the more enterprising among you could probably make one at home.


P.S. Need an iPhone case? Check out our selections at the NeatoShop!

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9 Volt Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

With a string of LEDs and a nine volt battery, redditor jingle_balls123 made a lit Christmas tree. He writes, "This is how I decorated my cubicle."

Perfect. Just perfect.


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The Melkweb Bridge

This freaky and beautiful bridge is located in Purmerend, the Netherlands. The lower level is for bicycles and the top level is for pedestrians:

This deck was designed as a pendulum over the water, so that the slope could be limited to a minimum. Because pedestrian traffic was separated from cyclists, the direct line between the Melkweg-road and city centre could remain. Furthermore the 48m arch remains the fastest possible way to cross the water.

The pedestrian bridge weighs 85 tons, consists of 130 steps and is supported by a steel arch. The design makes it able to retain the spatial openness of the channel and its surroundings. Both bridge sections flow smoothly into each other and form one whole. This unity is enhanced by the continuity of materials and colors. In the edges of the bridge LED lines are applied that follow the contour of the bridge and guarantees a spectacular view on the bridge even after sunset.

Link | Architects' Website

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Garlic Lamp

Garlic Lamp

This fresh, modern design by Anton Naselevets would look great in a restaurant. Of course, vampires might consider it to be unwelcoming. You don't want to create an unfriendly atmosphere for that key customer demographic.

Link -via Foodiggity

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