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If CEOs and other executives didn't have such huge salaries and ridiculously high bonuses, wages could be raised across the board. It will never happen, but if you do the math, you'll see that I'm right.
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My girlfriend used to have thick red hair she usually wore in a braid past her butt, thick as my wrist. (I have thick wrists, too) She cut 24" off to donate to cancer patients, and lost about 10 lbs in minutes. A lot of her neck pain cleared up too.
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Disagree...not with the hairdresser part, but the long hair part. I can't get them to cut my SHORT, guy hair either. I assure them it's alright to cut it "finger-width", but I always get pushback. Inevitably, they'll show me the finished cut, and I have to tell them, "shorter". Every...single...time.
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Unfortunately, 'old person in wheelchair' actually -is- a red flag for a possible drug mule simply because the smugglers are hoping people will feel bad for the elder and not check them or their chair. See also 'pregnant woman' and 'small child'. Also, you can get a lot more stuff packed into a chair.
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She had the facial beauty thing cornered for sure, but she was so skinny she looks nearly cadaverous in some of them. How this emaciated look ever became established in our society as something beautiful to be aspired to is absolutely beyond me. These models that look like skin and bones are just disturbing - there's nothing sexy or desirable about them whatsoever.
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Ah yes, the old "language is no longer allowed to change" argument. Sure a lot of the list is made of up words with similar spelling and/or pronunciation, the same words you see on nearly every such list. But there's a few in there, such as the example here, that, I dunno, I guess definition two doesn't count anymore?
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Plugging those numbers in gives a value of 774 GeV/c^2 for the mass, when the actual mass is around 125 GeV/c^2.

If I remember the timing of things, by the late 90s there was already evidence that the Higgs boson would be heavier than ~90 GeV/c^2, and some expectation, that if it existed, it would be below 1000, and possibly in the 100-200 range.

It looks like some writer just too the Planck mass (the stuff under the square root), a "natural" unit of mass, and multiplied it by other constants until getting something within an order of magnitude of what was known at the time. It would have been closer if they dropped the pi, and just stuck with the fine structure constant (which is almost 1/137).
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If I had a dog I didn't want in my possession, I would not tie it to a rail and leave, even if it wasn't my dog. I'd notify a station employee, call animal control, or take it to a shelter, depending on the circumstances.
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That picture reminds me of a mixed-breed shar-pei I had about ten years ago. He (Buzz) was the smartest, most loyal, most beloved, most well-behaved dog I ever had. Sadly some evil thieves poisoned him to burgle our house. Just remembering him tears me up.
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She couldn't tell by looking at the dog that it's not the one she wanted? Why did she hand over 150 pounds if she didn't want the dog? Either she's a liar or an idiot. Or some kind of psychopath with no conscience. And she has 2 kids. Sigh.
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