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Not being in a scholarly debate isn't an excuse for contradicting yourself and being wrong. Maybe on the rough-and-tumble internet you should grow a pair so you're not so easily provoked into trying to dig yourself out of a hole. The internet doesn't need more mens rights advocates grinding offtopic axes and confusing namecalling for making a point.
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College campuses are a very potent mixture of new found freedom, peer pressure, and often (but not always or required) alcohol. I didn't see as much of a problem when I was in undergrad (but I saw plenty still) as I had choice in what friends I hung out with and what events I went to, but I was quite surprised by grad school when seeing how students interacted with TAs. More than once, students who are failing a lab assignment with limited time remaining try to start a conversation with me about which students in the class I would want to sleep with. That requires some messed up priorities and lack of awareness, to say the least. There were some stark differences between reviews all TAs and profs received, where there are always some disgruntled students that vent, but male TAs got complaints about lack of knowledge and teaching skill, while some female colleagues got very personal attacks irrelevant to the classroom. Students would try to get hugs from female TAs for minor things. You can hear them discussing stories of how their weekend revolved around getting girls drunk. There was more, and that is a lot considering it is crossing what was a perceived authority barrier in what was not a social situation. And considering TAs usually worked in pairs in the intro classes, the difference in attention received by male and female TAs could be quite obvious.

On a college campus, just politely minding your own business and trying to get things done is enough to be a lightning rod for inappropriate attention for females. It is what you get when people haven't grown out of childish & selfish mentality to adult issues and topics, in an environment with very few consequences and positive feedback. To be fair, it is only a fraction of students that cause such problems. But it can be scary how many people seem to be at college to effectively major in being a drunk asshole, and unfortunately some number of then never grow out of it.
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A couple of links in, there is a page by the University of Florida with this note:

"Manchineel has been used to make furniture since colonial times, with the poisonous sap thought to become neutralized by drying the wood in the sun. However, those working with the fresh-cut wood must be careful, since interacting with the poisonous sap can be a strong irritant to any part of the body. "

Furniture! Maybe it could have been used to make torture racks for the Spanish Inquisition!
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Nobody needs $1.5 billion. It would be better if, rather than giving the whole jackpot to one person, they split it up among 15 thousand people. Each winner would get $100K, which is plenty.
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That seems to be what he meant. Plenty of weight on top of that steel doesn't need melting to bring it down.

Wish he had been clearer with his explanation. Conspiracy nuts thrive on ambiguity.
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Apparently, the word "snuck" has been in use since the 19th Century. To say there is "no such word" is erroneous. The word exists in common usage. Although the dictionary prefers "sneaked", it includes "snuck." Zeon is perfectly justified in using it.

Also, I would point out that you should have used parentheses instead of commas to separate the words "it's capitalized" from the rest of your sentence. Otherwise, it's a sentence fragment.

Plus, your capitalization correction for the term "grammar nazi" is not a cut-and-dry issue, either. Some prefer to reserve the capitalized term for references to the Nazi party itself, and to keep the lowercase for general terms. Others insist that both words should be capitalized, which makes a little more sense to me than your suggestion. However, I disagree. There may be rare times when it could be used as a title, or for emphasis, but it's most often a common noun.

A grammar nazi is not referring to a member of the Nazi party, or to misguided adherents of the Nazi principles. But, it works nicely for emphasis in such exclamations as "You, Sir, are a Grammar Nazi!" (note that I also capitalized Sir, for emphasis)
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In a follow up study, 24% of adult patrons were found asleep in the dining room before finishing their meals and another whopping 42% simply pushed the food of the table and laughed hysterically.
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How else are you supposed to greet a Victorian woman properly, if not by skirt lifting and random touch?

The minute hipsters no longer praiser her she'll move on.
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One of the many things I learned in grad school instead of doing proper work, was that if you want a huge Chipotle burrito, go to a Chipotle staffed by college students (although to be fair, the managers probably contributed too). The two near campus had employees that just didn't care about the proportions, and would put so much on you would sometimes need a second tortilla, and 2-3 wrappers to wrap it up. It was actually unusual for me the first time I went to one somewhere else, and they got it all to fit in a single wrapper.
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