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That seems to be what he meant. Plenty of weight on top of that steel doesn't need melting to bring it down.

Wish he had been clearer with his explanation. Conspiracy nuts thrive on ambiguity.
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Apparently, the word "snuck" has been in use since the 19th Century. To say there is "no such word" is erroneous. The word exists in common usage. Although the dictionary prefers "sneaked", it includes "snuck." Zeon is perfectly justified in using it.

Also, I would point out that you should have used parentheses instead of commas to separate the words "it's capitalized" from the rest of your sentence. Otherwise, it's a sentence fragment.

Plus, your capitalization correction for the term "grammar nazi" is not a cut-and-dry issue, either. Some prefer to reserve the capitalized term for references to the Nazi party itself, and to keep the lowercase for general terms. Others insist that both words should be capitalized, which makes a little more sense to me than your suggestion. However, I disagree. There may be rare times when it could be used as a title, or for emphasis, but it's most often a common noun.

A grammar nazi is not referring to a member of the Nazi party, or to misguided adherents of the Nazi principles. But, it works nicely for emphasis in such exclamations as "You, Sir, are a Grammar Nazi!" (note that I also capitalized Sir, for emphasis)
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In a follow up study, 24% of adult patrons were found asleep in the dining room before finishing their meals and another whopping 42% simply pushed the food of the table and laughed hysterically.
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How else are you supposed to greet a Victorian woman properly, if not by skirt lifting and random touch?

The minute hipsters no longer praiser her she'll move on.
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One of the many things I learned in grad school instead of doing proper work, was that if you want a huge Chipotle burrito, go to a Chipotle staffed by college students (although to be fair, the managers probably contributed too). The two near campus had employees that just didn't care about the proportions, and would put so much on you would sometimes need a second tortilla, and 2-3 wrappers to wrap it up. It was actually unusual for me the first time I went to one somewhere else, and they got it all to fit in a single wrapper.
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Good grief, how spoiled are some people. She's your best friend - surely that's enough. Why the obsession with giving gifts?
Quite a few people at our wedding didn't give us "gifts", but they helped by decorating the hall, or running the music, or running errands or making dresses etc. We were happier with that than a gift - some of the "official gifts" only get used once a year or so.
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well that edit of Cortana IS pretty silly. I mean she's a virtual representation of an AI. She can look however unrealistic as she pleases.
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Why is it "feminist propaganda" to point out that media portrayals of women are unrealistic? Female bodies are photoshopped to the point where no one even has an idea of what "real" much less healthy bodies look like. Comments like the ones above always proclaim their concern over obesity yet woman who age or aren't perfectly fit are criticized. This criticism isn't the same for men. Few men's bodies are commented on unless they are obviously unhealthy such as Chris Christie.

Neither Sonya Blade or Bikini Girl look obese to me. I do not expect the women in my life to be shaped like Victoria Secret models or the men in my life to look like The Rock. That's because very few people have the genetic disposition to that body type and or the need to train/diet for that body.
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