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If I had a dog I didn't want in my possession, I would not tie it to a rail and leave, even if it wasn't my dog. I'd notify a station employee, call animal control, or take it to a shelter, depending on the circumstances.
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That picture reminds me of a mixed-breed shar-pei I had about ten years ago. He (Buzz) was the smartest, most loyal, most beloved, most well-behaved dog I ever had. Sadly some evil thieves poisoned him to burgle our house. Just remembering him tears me up.
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She couldn't tell by looking at the dog that it's not the one she wanted? Why did she hand over 150 pounds if she didn't want the dog? Either she's a liar or an idiot. Or some kind of psychopath with no conscience. And she has 2 kids. Sigh.
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When "the powers that be" change the race of a character, it is ALMOST ALWAYS changed to be WHITE. The Pharaoh in Exodus, Tonto in The Lone Ranger, all the heroes in The Last Airbender (but villains remained ethnic); even Katniss in The Hunger Games books was described as several shades darker than Jennifer Lawrence. But when the producers of the upcoming Fantastic Four movie picked Michael B. Jordan to play the Human Torch, comic book nerds went ballistic! For Hollywood, today just as much as for the last century, the "politically correct" thing to do is "whitewash".
But then, if I were to suggest a Black Brit to play James Bond, my first pick would be Richard Ayoade (but lose the hair, keep the glasses). :)
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That's NOTHING compared to what beach-front property owners do. The beaches may be public property, but private developers are allowed to buy up miles and miles of land, and refuse to allow anyone to park nearby, or even walk through to the beach. It's not strictly illegal, and it's a clear-cut case of public lands being stolen and locked-up for private use by the wealthy.
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Dear Remy
Admittedly, a truly touching video.
But please be more condescending. Please tell us more about what we should feel, when we should feel it, and how we should behave. And please tell us to what psychologists you refer and to what works of theirs you might cite. Finally, if you would be so kind as to elaborate a bit on your definition of what constitutes "proof," and whether, or to what extent, this might coincide with the Scientific Method of Rene Descarte and Sir Francis Bacon.
Thank you.
E. Cheung
PS- In return for your being more condescending, I will agree, in the future, to be more sarcastic.
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