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I had a friend who "worked" dice punishment into the game by placing his d20 in a bag full of crappy d6 and beating them mercilessly against the kitchen counter. The d20 never seemed to learn its lesson though, and now that I think about it maybe that guy just had some serious anger issues...
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The thing that struck me most was that while I might have a few quibbles here and there about details, none of the other countries seemed "wrong", whereas both of the U.S. options felt like uncanny valley to me. Ugly, unreal, and off-putting.
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... believing there were some parts of the pig they just throw away

There are no parts of pigs that get thrown away, I'm afraid. Except for the hoof and the squeal, they all go into making Spam!
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It would have been alright, John, if we Neatorama readers had gone on the rest of our lives believing there were some parts of the pig they just throw away.

How am I to go about delicately asking the waitperson if the dumpling has any asshole in it? As if the language barrier wasn't challenging enough. 'Can I get the dumplings asshole-free? I'm the designated driver. I'll be dealing with enough of those out on the road later in the evening.' If the customers gets food-poisoning, is the top suspect the box of pig rectums or the prep cook who didn't wash his/her hands?
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Based on the synopsis, it doesn't sound like she had a problem with his interests, but with the fact that he wasn't paying any attention to her. As a geek girl myself, I have to say it doesn't matter how amazing a guy's game room is, if he cares more about it than he does about me.
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"She Works Hard for the Money" wasn't on the "Bad Girls" album. It was released four years later off of the album...wait for it..."She Works Hard for the Money".
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Not the only way, though.

Philip IV and his niece Marianna had five children. Three died in infancy. One was Charles II. One daughter, Margaret Theresa, married the Holy Roman Emperor, to whom she was related on both sides, and produced several children who died in infancy as well as many miscarriages. Only one of her children lived to adulthood, and Margaret Theresa died at age 21.

In families like these, impotency can be a blessing.
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You've heard correctly, and I oppose the philosophy of cops being used as tax-collectors-with-guns, when they should be used to find and catch REAL criminals.

(Also, Officer Fife told me he gives out 1 warning per day, and that day the warning went to me, so I didn't get a ticket out of it. 2 weeks ago, when I drove through Speedtrapville, I noticed they still haven't posted the 30 MPH.)
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