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"She Works Hard for the Money" wasn't on the "Bad Girls" album. It was released four years later off of the album...wait for it..."She Works Hard for the Money".
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Not the only way, though.

Philip IV and his niece Marianna had five children. Three died in infancy. One was Charles II. One daughter, Margaret Theresa, married the Holy Roman Emperor, to whom she was related on both sides, and produced several children who died in infancy as well as many miscarriages. Only one of her children lived to adulthood, and Margaret Theresa died at age 21.

In families like these, impotency can be a blessing.
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You've heard correctly, and I oppose the philosophy of cops being used as tax-collectors-with-guns, when they should be used to find and catch REAL criminals.

(Also, Officer Fife told me he gives out 1 warning per day, and that day the warning went to me, so I didn't get a ticket out of it. 2 weeks ago, when I drove through Speedtrapville, I noticed they still haven't posted the 30 MPH.)
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I spent most of my adult life within a short jaunt of Trader Joe's locations around L.A. and am a big fan. It was THE place for good cheese that wasn't TOO expensive, had various frozen semi-ethnic goodies well before other places, the best prices for frozen shrimp (until recently), and some of my cheap-wine drinking friends swear by the "Two Buck Chuck". My one experience with Whole Foods was in the mid-90s when Kroger was combining chains in L.A. and left an empty Ralphs market in Pasadena that WF took over and that shopping trip was total sticker-shock. I also love TJ's advertising - the Fearless Flyer is my favorite junk mail, mixing pitches for seasonal products with self-effacing humor and very-old illustrations (a sample of which is on TJ's website: )

One other thing: way back in the 1970's when I was in College Radio and trying to break into Commercial Radio, their radio advertising was all "live copy" with wordy product descriptions, puns and tongue-twisters that half of L.A.'s radio people loved and the other half hated. I got copies of a few of the scripts and included one in every audition tape I made, just to show I could do it.
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Somewhat minor semantic point:

"Can you drive fast enough..." A: No, it is not possible to drive any vehicle fast enough. Warp travel (folding space) would be the closest we'd get one day, and we haven't done the math to know how folding space would affect a speed camera.

"Can an object travel fast enough..." A: Yes, at greater than 1/6th the speed of light...
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Unsolicited gifts are still gifts. It's actually a law, generally speaking. The bank should have insurance to cover their inept teller actions, and the kid should be allowed to keep whatever they gave him.
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Though I think they mean 'he had no SELFISHNESS whatsoever.' Not having any selflessness means he would've been a greedy, narcissistic bastard. XD
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Yes, that does strike me as extremely odd. Flea markets are places where people sell their crafts and chipped dishes get a second chance at life. They are not places where items have a $13,000 price tag. I don't think he bought it at a flea market, and he's covering up the real source.
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He was going to . . . melt it down? Even though it's made of gold and such, it's also crafted beautifully. Surely anyone could tell that it is a work of intrinsic value and beauty, even if made of baser metals! To think that, were it not for Google, this artifact would have been lost to the furnace!
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There's various things we do to dogs/pets that they don't consent to, but they just have to be considered on a case-by-case basis. Tattooing a dog, IMHO, i similar to piercing ears for a baby or toddler. It causes some physical harm, carries with it some risk of permanent injury (infection etc), and only suits vanity. Same goes for cropping of ears and docking of tails. The easiest test for these sorts of answers is to consider the net welfare of the animal.
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It's funny, because when I was in high school, this is exactly the question I asked in a Law class, and everyone just sort of laughed and considered me a crazy person. I think the actual question I asked was "Is it morally ok to tattoo flames on a small hairless dog?"

My argument was that indeed, that it does cause some suffering to the dog, but after it healed, that would absolutely be the coolest dog anyone had ever seen, so it would probably get a huge amount of attention, and considering attention is like crack to a dog, it would be a net positive in its life. Not to say ALL dogs should be tattooed but I digress.

Mostly it's just hilarious to see that I'm not the only person who asked the question, and others didn't laugh at them and call them insane.
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