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I can't tell you how true this is and how quickly you realize it as a new parent. My stepmother got incensed when I told her the AAP suggests giving formula or breast milk to babies until they are 6 months old. Well she fed her babies food at 2 months and they turned out just fine. I told her some people used to give their babies morphine 100 years ago and they probably said the same thing.
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Sorry to make assumptions about your position. You simply made the vague argument that "it's a complicated issue" and deflected about one specific incident that happened in Europe, which tends to be the cry of those who don't want to make any changes at all for fear their precious guns are taken away. I think you have a lot of valid points and you're right, there is no one simple solution. I do believe providing better and free mental health services and instituting some basic gun control laws (background checks, limits on ammo possession, etc.) are a good first step though and from there we can see what's working and what's not.

And for the record, I do like guns and think they're fun -I just don't think we should make something super easy to get and stockpile just because it's fun when it causes tens of thousands of people to die every year.
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I knew someone would come out of the woodwork to argue here. Anders Breivik killed 77 people, the Vegas shooter killed 58 -doesn't really seem "tame" -especially when you consider that he was only one of the 1,624 shooters in the last 1,870 days in America. Yeah, this is the only country where this regularly happens and I defy you to come up with even two more mass shootings in other developed nations without using Google.

But by all means, use the only example you can to argue the fact that America doesn't need to change anything.
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I think you're right Andrew, it's more the base concept of selling it as Anne Frank that's terrible, but yeah, I think the evacuee part is certainly more closely related with English history than Jewish history -and the tag is a big key in that part.
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The salary history issue is actually being made illegal in many states because aside from just being annoying for the reasons you listed, they have found that it also perpetrates pay discrimination against women and minorities because if one company pays less based on sex or race, then every one that follows will continue to do so if they go by history. Instead, a person qualified for a position should just be offered whatever any other person qualified for that position would be offered regardless of what they were paid.

They also found that women who refuse to give up salary history are paid significantly less than average while men who do the same are paid more than average, so it promotes discrimination even when the candidate refuses to give that information.

Plus, it also discourages people from wanting to take chances with startups and non-profits that might be rewarding in other ways because then when you leave the job, you're stuck with that salary history.
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That author is full of crap about Disney tattoos. Yes, you can get kicked out for having obscene tattoos visible to the public, but there are no rules about having tattoos with Disney licenses or they would be kicking their biggest fans out non-stop.
He seems to have stole most of the article from another source -and that source doesn't say anything about Disney tattoos so I don't know where he decided to pull that out of his ass, but it's just not true.
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I had a friend in high school who was in the Boy Scouts when she was younger -she wanted to learn about hiking, camping and survival skills while the Girl Scouts in the area were just selling cookies and practicing traditional feminine skills like sewing. The organizations do totally different things and kids should get to choose what they want to do based on their interests, not their gender.
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It does strike a nerve with me because I hear that every year and 99% of the time, it's from people who have gone one year or who only went to Hall H or didn't even walk the floor. As his blog post states, there's still a huge section of the floor that's all comic books and the funny thing is that you'll hear people bemoaning how there's no comic books because they themselves don't actually want to look at comic or buy comics, they just want to complain because it's the hip thing to do. Obviously you actually care about comics and aren't one of these hipster too-cool-for-everything types that I'm talking about, but they are why I get so short tempered about people saying that crap. The people who actually care about comic books go and buy comic books, or prints from artists who work on comics, they don't sit there and whine about how there's nothing there related to comic books.

SDCC has always been a bit of a different beast because Star Wars was actually first promoted at the convention back in 1976 before anyone even thought the movie would be a hit. No other conventions were home to exclusive movie content back then, but that's what made Comic Con what it is. Complaining about having pop culture stuff at Comic Con is complaining about what made SDCC THE convention of note.

And as the mainstreaming of geek culture (which is precisely what made SDCC so insane over the last decade) is starting to become less of a thing, the crowds are thinning out. A lot of studios are leaving the convention, MTV scaled back it's stupid Fandom Awards ceremony and even companies that do belong there, like Syfy, have greatly reduced their budgets.

The bubble burst, which means soon enough, people who want to buy passes won't have such a tough time getting them and actually getting in to the convention center. With any luck, it will also mean floor space will clear out a little and more independent artists and distributors will be able to get in because that's what the majority of visitors (outside of those Hall H idiots who by and large don't actually visit the floor at all and just want to stand in the same room as a celebrity) actually care about.

Chuck's blog mentioned how there were less people there and he seemed to insinuate that it was because there's free stuff outside, but it wasn't that they issued less passes or that people just decided not to go (it was the same number and they still sold out), but now that they have RIFD chips, people can't "lose" their passes and give extras to their friends or just copy extras on their scanner and print them out. The fewer people in the hall were actually the number of people that were supposed to be there for the last few years. People who are going to all the free stuff outside are largely doing it because they can't get in to the convention itself (trust me, I live in SD and most of my friends go to that stuff for that exact reason).

Bottom line: there's still plenty of comic book stuff and in the next few years, there will be more of it and more fans around to support it.
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