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#1 clickbait#2 Matt us right, plenty of people don't want to be covered in glitter, regardless of their gender or sexuality#3 what did you think "radiance" means.
Seriously lowering the bar here.
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Glad the dog got a good home, but it makes me sick the original owner thought this was the best solution rather than give the dog to a shelter. She easily could have been hit by a car and killed.
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Same here. I was getting 3 hours oc sleep a day and worried I was going to put him in a more dangerous situation due to sleep deprivation than I would co-sleeping. Ironically, there is so much anti-bed sharing propaganda out there that I originally slept on the couch with him before learning THAT was actually the truly dangerous fornm of co-sleeping.
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That's all true, but it's worth adding to the conversation the diversity of natural body types. Some people are naturally thick to the point where society calls them fat even though they eat healthy and exercise. For those people to look have what mainstream society considers to be a "healthy-looking" body, they may have to go to dangerous lengths. Similarly, some people who look "healthy" eat horribly and never exercise, and while they look fine, their body is suffering.
Attitudes like those belonging to the other commenter on this post only make things worse, despite the fact that they often convince themselves that they are just trying to tell people to be healthy.
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