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25 Fun Cosplays From the 2023 SDCC

The San Diego Comic Con was a few weeks ago, and as always, the cosplayers came out to celebrate. We were there to capture the fun and here are some of the most fun costumes we saw this year.

All images by Zeon Santos.

This Mask cosplayer looked simply Smooookin' and he had the personality match.

There were Barbie cosplayers everywhere this year, but we really loved this great cowgirl Barbie.

Here's another great Barbie, who even had perfect matching nails for the cosplay.

Not everyone really seemed to be living in a Barbie World —this Other Mother was delightfully creepy, just like the one in Coraline.

Speaking of creepy, this Sandman crew was downright freaky, especially The Corinthian.

Along those lines, Leatherface is always a bit freaky.

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30+ Cosplays from the 2022 San Diego Comic Con

Comic Con finally returned this year after two years of cancellations due to covid. While attendance was lower and the vibe was a little more relaxed than usual, the con certainly wasn't short on cosplayers who were thrilled to be back to one of their favorite hobbies.

All images by Zeon Santos or myself. While the con was a whole month ago, due to personal reasons, we couldn't get the images up until now. Hope you all enjoy them!

This guy was so great, when I asked him if I could get a picture, he yelled "why are you taking pictures of me when you should be out there taking pictures of Spider-Man?"

While I didn't happen to get any great pictures of Spider-Man, Zeon happened to catch this gorgeous Elektra in action.

When it comes to spot-on superhero cosplays though, it was hard to beat this Captain America posed right beside a bust of the real thing.

Then again, sometimes originality trumps authenticity -and it's hard not to love this chancla-throwing Wonder Woman.

I wonder how she would get along with this chimichanga-loving Deadpool.

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30 Wonderful 2022 WonderCon Cosplays

The first WonderCon since the convention had to be cancelled back in 2020 took place last month and I was there along with Zeon Santos to photograph all the wonderful cosplays from the convention. Regretably, I still fell victim to the dreaded convention plague (though thankfully not covid) even while wearing a mask, so I wasn't able to get these photos together until now, but I'm happy to finally be able to share them all with you.

One of the great things about WonderCon is the number of awesome Disney-inspired cosplays since Disneyland is right across the street from the convention center. This brillliant Haunted Mansion cosplay was easily my personal favorite both for their impressive skill and because the source material is a personal favorite of mine.

This cosplay of Cinderella's evil step sister is also quite enchanting -even an awful character can have a brilliantly gorgeous dress.

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Best Cosplays from the 2021 Comic Con Special Edition

After the regularly scheduled July Comic Con was cancelled in both 2020 and 2021 due to the coronavirus, the organizers were finally able to put together a "Special Edition" version of the event on Thanksgiving weekend. This special edition was also a bit of a "limited edition" since the con was dramatically smaller than the regular event, with far fewer exhibitors, attendees, events and everything else that makes the San Diego Comic Con so famous. That being said, there was still plenty to enjoy, including plenty of fantastic cosplayers like these.

All images by Zeon Santos or myself.

This Final Fantasy group cosplay looked fantastic together and made me want to start playing the game.

Similarly, this Yennifer cosplay by Sewpoke is loaded with absolutely breathtaking details.

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The Best Bounty Hunter in Galaxy Far, Far Away -Legally Speaking

Every Star Wars fan has their own favorite bounty hunter, with many switching from the original fan-favorite, Boba Fett, to either The Mandalorian or IG-11 once Baby Yoda fever swept the internet. But while favorites are totally subjective, when you look at the bounty hunters from a legal perspective, Boba Fett is clearly the best bounty hunter in Star Wars, at least, according to San Diego defense lawyer Peter Liss. A short bit of his reasoning:

Boba’s insistence that Han be kept alive also means he is following the law to the letter unlike Greedo by not using deadly force unnecessarily. In fact, Boba even argues against freezing Han in carbonite despite Darth Vader’s insistence on it out of fear that his target could be harmed. While many people unfamiliar with the law like to argue that this would be false imprisonment, it would actually be a legal citizen’s arrest by a bounty hunter...

Wonder where Greedo, IG-11 and the Mandalorian fit into this attorney's rankings and who is the least law-abiding bounty hunter among the group? Then check out: The Best Star Wars Bounty Hunter from a Legal Perspective

Image: Boba Fett's Fugitive Recovery Service by ArtistXero

7 Tasteful Geek Gifts on Etsy

Many geek gifts consist of little more than tee shirts, posters and the like... but while those are great, they also aren't exactly sophisticated. If you're looking for a tasteful gift that still has a geeky edge, you won't want to miss this round up of classy gifts for the nerds in your life.

The list includes everything from original artwork to jewelry and from customized glassware to surprisingly naturalistic Minnie Mouse ears. Don't miss the full list here.

Cool Handpainted Halloween Pins

For Halloweenheads like myself, it pays to be spooky all year long, but, of course, fall is an extra great time to show off your love of the strange and unusual. That's where the pins from Etsy seller Santos Demonios come in.

You can choose from really spooky designs, like the skull above, or opt for something a little more whimsical, though decidedly still monstrous, like this delightful Muppet monster.

You can read more about the pins and see a few more designs over at Rue The Day.

13 Terrifying Halloween Decorations to Scare Trick or Treaters

Halloween will be here in only a month, which means it's the perfect time to start decorating -and you can either go cutesy or creepy when it comes to Halloween. If you lean towards the scary side of things, you'll want to check out this great post on Rue The Day with some truly horrific decorations like the guy escaping from his grave above.

You can make most of the decorations yourself, but if you don't have the time, there are also a few cool Etsy designs you can purchase, like this nightmarish corpsified cat skeleton.

Hope your neighborhood kids are brave if you actually incorporate these kinds of decorations in your yard or you might not end up giving out any candy at all!

The Etsy Design Awards

It seems like just about everything has an award show these days, but while some of these are utterly superfluous, the idea of Etsy starting its own awards only makes sense. After all, Etsy is well known as the most popular marketplace for handmade goods and with that many artists coming up with their own unique creations, it's only logical to start recognizing some of the most impressive standouts.

Like most awards shows, the Etsy Design Awards is broken down into categories. In this case, Inventive Decor, which includes the wooden record player up top and this velcro dinosaur wall paper, Signature Style, like this whimsical swimming pool necklace, Festive Celebrations for celebrating special occasions, such as this custom pop-the-question book and this wedding arch made with delightfully oversized flowers, Earth-Friendly, including things like this cute bee hotel, and finally, the Creative Collaborations, which is made up exclusively of custom-order Etsy listings.

The Creative Collaborations one is filled with particularly creative and fun finds, such as AnimalAristocat's custom renaissance portraits of people's pets.

You can also immortalize your pet as a ceramic sculpture like these thanks to RyabaVoshCeramics.

If you prefer portraits of people over pets, don't worry, there are still some award entrants that can help you out there. For example, there are these beautiful paper portraits by the PurplePaperPeople.

The Etsy Design Awards will announce their winners in September, so be sure to come back in a few weeks to see who was officially named the best of the best.

Cosplays from the 2019 San Diego Comic Con

From the panels to the exclusives and from the brand activations to the celebrity signings, there is a  lot to enjoy about the San Diego Comic Con. But perhaps the best part for those who don't get to attend the convention themselves is the chance to see all the amazing cosplays created by so many talented fans. And while it's easy to feel left out because you missed the con itself, the good news about getting to enjoy the cosplays online rather than in person is that you are able to avoid the dreaded Comic Con plague which managed to hit me and my family this weekend, as well as many of our friends who attended. So sit back, enjoy these fun photos and be happy for your good health.

All images by Zeon Santos or myself.

These cosplayers from Fathoms of Fantasy not only look perfect, they even handed out comic strips featuring them in their costumes in a classic Spy Vs. Spy tale.

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Nerdy Patches and Pins Gallore!

These days, people from all walks of life are also geeks -especially punk rockers. If you want to geek out while you rock out, you won't want to miss this great roundup of awesome patches and pins on Rue The Day.

The page even offers an awesome way to display all your geeky patches and pins in case you run out of space on your clothes -these cool patch banners you hang on your wall.

Now That's a Gender Reveal Party Worth Attending

It might be an unpopular opinion, but I always found gender reveal parties to be a bit self-obsessed -after all, your friends and family members probably don't actually care that much about whether you're having a boy or a girl. That being said, they're also a bit boring, I mean, there's really only two options out there when it comes to the big reveal. On the other hand, the gender reveal party in this comic by Adam Ellis is features a truly exciting surprise.

Via Geek Girls

This Dog is Best Friends With Owls

They say birds of a feather stick together, but that's certainly not the case when it comes to Ingo the dog and her owl friends. 

It seems Ingo originally was friends with one little owl named Poldi and his collection of buddies has drastically grown from there -though the pictures seem to prove that Ingo and Poldi are still the closest of the group.

You might say they get a real "hoot" out of the relationship.

Fortunately for all of us, Ingo's owner, Tanja Brandt is a professional photographer who is there to capture every unique and beautiful encounter between Ingo, Poldi and all the other owls they encounter.

You can see more of the fantastic images on Ingpo's Facebook page.

Via Bored Panda

You've Always Gotta Buckle Up

It's important to always practice proper auto safety procedures -even if you already happen to come equipped with your own collision impact protection. 

Via Pets Lady

Keep Seeing Our Facebook Page by Updating Your Settings

If you're a real Neatorama fan, you no doubt follow us on Facebook. But the site, unfortunately, just changed their algorithm to prioritize friends and family members and de-prioritize brands, which makes it so you pretty much won't see our posts on your feed any more. 

While some people are just fine with that, others want to keep seeing the pages they are following. If you're in the later group, you can make sure you can see our page and the others you care about, but it takes a little work. 

To make sure you keep seeing the pages you care about, you'll need to log in to your account, then click on the three dots next to the "News Feed" text on the left side and then select "Edit Preferences." From there, you need to select "prioritize who to see first" and then you can just click on the brands and friends you want to see in your feed.

It's kind of a pain, but at least it ensures you'll get to see the people and websites you care most about in your feed. 

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