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Same here. I was getting 3 hours oc sleep a day and worried I was going to put him in a more dangerous situation due to sleep deprivation than I would co-sleeping. Ironically, there is so much anti-bed sharing propaganda out there that I originally slept on the couch with him before learning THAT was actually the truly dangerous fornm of co-sleeping.
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That's all true, but it's worth adding to the conversation the diversity of natural body types. Some people are naturally thick to the point where society calls them fat even though they eat healthy and exercise. For those people to look have what mainstream society considers to be a "healthy-looking" body, they may have to go to dangerous lengths. Similarly, some people who look "healthy" eat horribly and never exercise, and while they look fine, their body is suffering.
Attitudes like those belonging to the other commenter on this post only make things worse, despite the fact that they often convince themselves that they are just trying to tell people to be healthy.
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Wow, a video on YouTube? What more proof could anyone ask for? If only those tens of thousands of scientists warning people about the dangers of man made global warming had just thought to check YouTube first.
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Um, actually the article is entirely correct. These policies may have started under Obama, but they were RATCHETED up by Trump and protests against ICE largely started only after that point. But nice try to preach that trademark whataboutism that Trump fans all adore so much.
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Yeah, as someone with celiac disease, it annoys me to no end when things like this are labeled as gluten free. It's popcorn, it had better be gluten free. It's just turning into another stupid buzzword that people automatically assume is healthy when it actually has a very specific meaning that does not necessarily mean something is healthy. In fact, many gluten free products are loaded with fat and sugar to make them actually taste good.
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I knew someone would come out of the woodwork to argue here. Anders Breivik killed 77 people, the Vegas shooter killed 58 -doesn't really seem "tame" -especially when you consider that he was only one of the 1,624 shooters in the last 1,870 days in America. Yeah, this is the only country where this regularly happens and I defy you to come up with even two more mass shootings in other developed nations without using Google.

But by all means, use the only example you can to argue the fact that America doesn't need to change anything.
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I think you're right Andrew, it's more the base concept of selling it as Anne Frank that's terrible, but yeah, I think the evacuee part is certainly more closely related with English history than Jewish history -and the tag is a big key in that part.
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