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The original is clearly just making facts up. These are not in any way repurposed bulbs. Rocket News says that just to get a shock value from folks. Just look at the photo. That's NOT a lightbulb nor has it ever been used as such. I'm honestly a bit surprised you went along with it: "...serving it in huge light bulbs."
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Weird, because I thought the idea came to him via a story collection written by Harlan Ellison. Odder still that he'd say it came to him in a dream since the film credits Ellison and specifically his story "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream".
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3 locations of back masking. After Darling Nikki: "Hello, how are you, I'm fine because I know the lord is coming soon, coming soon. ha ha ha ha ha"

Beginning and end of Baby I'm a Star: (Wendy and Lisa): "So, like fuck them man. Yeah, what the fuck do they know, come on baby, let's go." "Fuck them, all their taste is in their mouths, come on baby, lets go."

Personally I like him being a Jehovah who cannot stop screwing anything he sees. And I like his interviews where he goes off on chemtrails.
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The pieces may have eventually been made, but these images (and the blood pump on the arm) are certainly shopped. The light source and shadows on the piece, in each image, is different than that of the model.

I just find it funny how much press someone can get for faking it. Just goes to prove that you don't actually have to do anything IRL to get your 15 min.
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Ah the beauty of faked photoshopped images to stir the controversy of cutting edge art. Er... um... well not really controversial since these are most likely not even made but rendered. And no one was actually hooked up to them. But it's the intent that counts, right? Imagine if Piss Christ was just photoshopped, now THAT would be controversial.
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This isn't all that new. Gov't and corp. espionage has been doing the laser/window thing Joseph mentions for decades. There are window frames sold that play sound into the window to combat this very thing. As for this chip bag, it is an ideal test situation. CIA devices have long since been "rumored" to far out-do this tech for well over a decade. Infrared and pressure fluctuations are known ways to read sound from rooms from rather long distances.
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Not much I can do about it. It's how my body has been since birth. And considering the lack of doctor visits; I cannot recall the last time I had a cold, had the flu for a day 5 yrs ago (first time in 21 yrs prior), and have never gotten an infection from a cut (very lax about caring for them while I work), I'd say my immune system and repair systems are doing fine. It's been noted by many friends that I do heal really fast regarding cuts too.

So, again, it's one of those things that it's not the same for everyone. And I'm happy to not sleep much.
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After a couple of sleep studies I've found that REM is my primary state of sleep. I often wonder about friends who are exhausted after 10 hrs of sleep and wonder if they REM at all.

Even amidst stress, I'm able to just "turn-off" and sleep at will - whenever I want. So if I have time to sleep now, and will be doing something later when sleep is not convenient, I'll just sleep. Can also tell myself when to wake, rarely use alarm clocks.
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