24 Outrageous Stories about Prince

Tastes in music are subjective. One person's musical trash is another's treasure. Some much prefer one or two genres over any others. Some like music across nearly all genres. To some music lovers, Prince Rogers Nelson, known as Prince, is a musical genius. When his music must be fit into a category, such as in a music store, Prince is often labeled R&B. But his musical style is actually a blend of many genres and influences, including pop, rock, jazz, rap, funk, new wave and even gospel. 

This year is the 30th anniversary of his album Purple Rain. Particularly after that 1984 release, Prince has been considered by those in the industry as a musical force with which to be reckoned. The recording is often listed among the best music albums in history.

But as the saying goes, there's a fine line between genius and madness. "Madness," in that context, ranges from simple eccentricities to severe phobias and behaviors that few could understand. Strange stories abound about Prince, as over the years, he's established himself as one odd, purple duck. Some dismiss him as a jerk. Others give him a wide berth, accepting his quirks.

One story related by his ex-wife Mayte Garcia involved Prince installing a beauty salon in their extravagant, Spanish-style home. Yet Garcia was instructed by her husband not to use this in-home service. "I always went out if I needed my hair done," she said. "The salon wasn't for me, it was for my husband. Prince needed his space."

Read 23 other outrageous Prince stories here. See Prince perform live on the November 1 episode of Saturday Night Live, in which he will be the musical guest to host Chris Rock.

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I believe #9. My friend who works security at concerts told me that when Prince walks from the dressing room to the stage, any security guards in the hallway have to turn around and face the wall because they haven't paid for the privilege of looking at him.
My friend quit before the Prince concert, to avoid being treated like that by another human.
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3 locations of back masking. After Darling Nikki: "Hello, how are you, I'm fine because I know the lord is coming soon, coming soon. ha ha ha ha ha"

Beginning and end of Baby I'm a Star: (Wendy and Lisa): "So, like fuck them man. Yeah, what the fuck do they know, come on baby, let's go." "Fuck them, all their taste is in their mouths, come on baby, lets go."

Personally I like him being a Jehovah who cannot stop screwing anything he sees. And I like his interviews where he goes off on chemtrails.
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I was a DJ at an FM station when Purple Rain arrived for us to preview. It was on clear purple vinyl. There was a backwards message on it. We'd put the turntable into neutral and spin it backwards as best we could at 33 1/3 rpm to listen to any of them. The one on Purple Rain had something to do with the "coming of the Lord" if I recall.
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