Invasive Jewelry That Harvests Kinetic Energy From The Wearer

Naomi Kizhner is an industrial designer who has seen the dark side of humanity’s future, and is preparing for a future without electricity by creating unusual pieces of invasive jewelry meant to harvest kinetic energy from the human body.

Pieces like the Pulse Conductor, designed to "harvest energy from the neurological pulses sent through the wearer’s spine", or the Blinker- which harvests kinetic energy from blinking, look like something you'd see in a sci-fi movie, and yet might not be that far fetched after all.

Harvesting kinetic energy would be a great way to power geiger counters, visual communicators and fluid waste recycling systems in a world where everyone is responsible for providing their own energy. And since people will have to stay mobile to avoid radioactive mutant attacks our devices will be recharged as we flee!

(Video Link)

-Via Beautiful/Decay

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The pieces may have eventually been made, but these images (and the blood pump on the arm) are certainly shopped. The light source and shadows on the piece, in each image, is different than that of the model.

I just find it funny how much press someone can get for faking it. Just goes to prove that you don't actually have to do anything IRL to get your 15 min.
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Actually each piece is made out of gold and 3D printed biopolymer, and while they obviously don't "work" they are made with sharp spikes on the ends to attach to the skin. As for whether or not the models agreed to let them be attached, who knows? But these aren't photoshop creations, just some strange jewelry designs.
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Ah the beauty of faked photoshopped images to stir the controversy of cutting edge art. Er... um... well not really controversial since these are most likely not even made but rendered. And no one was actually hooked up to them. But it's the intent that counts, right? Imagine if Piss Christ was just photoshopped, now THAT would be controversial.
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