How Much Sleep Do You Need?

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Asap SCIENCE's latest video takes a look at sleep and how much of it allows for us to be productive, or even merely functional. I'm sure nobody is surprised that the news isn't good for people with a newborn in their house. The concept of sleep debt is also discussed. This morning I feel like my sleep debt has accumulated to the point that, soon, someone's Uncle Vito is going to whack me.

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Not much I can do about it. It's how my body has been since birth. And considering the lack of doctor visits; I cannot recall the last time I had a cold, had the flu for a day 5 yrs ago (first time in 21 yrs prior), and have never gotten an infection from a cut (very lax about caring for them while I work), I'd say my immune system and repair systems are doing fine. It's been noted by many friends that I do heal really fast regarding cuts too.

So, again, it's one of those things that it's not the same for everyone. And I'm happy to not sleep much.
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Then you are severely limiting your non-REM sleep (the four stages before REM sleep). Non-REM sleep is where the human body repairs tissues, builds bone and muscle, and bolsters the immune system. It is not to be missed lightly.
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After a couple of sleep studies I've found that REM is my primary state of sleep. I often wonder about friends who are exhausted after 10 hrs of sleep and wonder if they REM at all.

Even amidst stress, I'm able to just "turn-off" and sleep at will - whenever I want. So if I have time to sleep now, and will be doing something later when sleep is not convenient, I'll just sleep. Can also tell myself when to wake, rarely use alarm clocks.
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I tend to agree with Ash (above), I used to study Psychology, which includes a topic on sleep; research on sleep deprivation showed no long term cognitive damage, and could be recovered rather quickly. There does not seem to be an 'ideal' amount as well, although most people each night would go through 4-5 rounds of deep sleep to Rem sleep, each round taking 1.5hrs, thus 6-8hrs is usually advised

One must take caution to the research the video quoted, as most of them are not random trial based. People sleep less maybe because they have more work, or greater mental pressure due to family/work issues, which is the real reason that leads to their higher risk of disease and death
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