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It's easy to see that humans - like so many species - grow more hair on their bodies as they age, so our having less hair than most mammals would seem to be a clear case of neoteny, the retention of childhood traits into adulthood. Neoteny is quite common in humans, like adults who believe in Santa, Satan, or Trump.
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Genius is a ridiculously overused word. People discussing an Italian restaurant will say that their lasagne is genius.

A few months ago, one of the most powerful men in Hollywood told me that something I had written was masterful. Now there is a word you don't hear often, especially from people who are extremely accomplished.
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I live halfway between two Trader Joe's, a couple blocks in either direction. I often wander in a half hour before closing time, and get in and out in ten minutes, back to the house in another five. It's heaven. TJ's can be very inexpensive if you keep an eye on the prices. Around here we call Whole Foods "Whole Paycheck". The place is an enormous ripoff.
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Yeah, this is not the kung-fu touch of death we're talking about. If that bridge, unprepared, could be collapsed by a single touch then I'm glad I never drove over it.
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The best was in Addams Family Values when Morticia was in labor. Her other kids were in the waiting room when the doctor says to Morticia "Do you want anesthesia Mrs. Addams?" and she replies "No, but do ask the children."
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