Ever Tried Skiplagging?

Looking for cheap tickets to your next travel destination can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack. Most tickets will be around the same price, and even the cheapest ones you can find will barely be within your budget. A few savvy travelers however, found that there's a very interesting workaround to get affordable airfare, but it might be very risky.

It's called skiplagging, and it's when you buy a ticket with a layover flights, but you hop off at your intended destination without boarding the connecting flight. It's a loophole with some serious consequences. Although it's not illegal, airlines strictly prohibit engaging in the practice since it will be a huge cost to them. If they catch people skiplagging, then they can either ban them from future flights, strip them of loyalty status, or have them pay the full price of the ticket.

Skiplagged is a website based on the concept of skiplagging. It's intended to help consumers find the cheapest flights to their destination. It was founded by Aktarer Zaman who noticed these cheaper layover flights, and so built an algorithm that searches for them.

There are a few caveats when skiplagging. You have to travel without checking your bags as those will be routed to the final destination on the ticket. And you can't do roundtrip tickets because it will get canceled for a no-show on the second leg.

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Many years ago I was in London and I wanted to take a quick trip to Amsterdam to smoke some pot. I was told by the airline that the cheapest way to do that was to book a flight to Germany with a stopover in Holland, and not use the Holland-to-Germany leg of the ticket. So many years before the word skiplagging was even coined, the airlines didn't consider it a sin and would even recommend it to you.
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When I was traveling a lot, I was informed that if a passenger skiplagged, the entire flight was grounded until the plane was searched or the passenger was found. If that is still the case, skiplagging might save some money but massively inconvenience everyone else.
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