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Yeah, this is not the kung-fu touch of death we're talking about. If that bridge, unprepared, could be collapsed by a single touch then I'm glad I never drove over it.
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The best was in Addams Family Values when Morticia was in labor. Her other kids were in the waiting room when the doctor says to Morticia "Do you want anesthesia Mrs. Addams?" and she replies "No, but do ask the children."
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Wow, she's really awful, even theoretically speaking. The aim of The Prince was not to create loving well adjusted people, it was to subdue them. Her techniques don't even take into account that her kids may have different needs. Oh well, they are hers to rule I guess.
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She's a bigot, and spoiled to boot. She just oozes entitlement. Just being smart, pretty, young and white (not to mention apparently being able to afford an Ivy League school) are not enough for her? She makes me sick.
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