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Ben Franklin wrote satire about sleeping on the job. Does that mean no one else can write about it? Ooops, I've written about it before myself. My mistake; I rarely ever watched Seinfeld. But I napped at work a long time before George Costanza was conceived.
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That first paragraph puzzled me... there were drive-ins with more than one screen? I've never seen such a thing! But I've been to the drive-in theater a lot. The guy who owned our local theater had a day job working with my mother, but he never mentioned seeing me at the theater to her, even that time we had to get his help in letting our friends out of the trunk.
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My oven dates from "the war", which meant World War II to the woman I got it from. It's a two-ton Magic Chef that ain't going anywhere. Ever.

Too bad the broiler doesn't work. But the rest of it needs no electricity, so it warms the house when the power is out.
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I had to drop inand see how many comments it took before someone pointed out the obvious (ten).

That said, my elderly mother-in-law lives in constant fear that someone is going to break into her house and hurt her. I don't get that. She is 79 and there is no reason whatsoever for anyone to come in her house unannounced unless they are trying to save her life. She keeps her doors locked AND something propped against them. I am convinced that someday she will lay on the floor and die from a health problem because no one can rescue her.
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