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I would never call you a hypocrite.

I used to bemoan the fact that there were once 30 or so neighborhood markets in my little town and they are all gone, thanks to four huge supermarkets. Once you could walk to the store, deal with people you knew, and even have groceries delivered.

But then I recall that they all smelled bad, the food expired, they were closed on nights, weekends, and often Wednesday as well, they wouldn't hire anyone they weren't related to, and they didn't care that their customers promised to buy a lot of x product if they would only stock it please. The quality of their food depended on kickbacks and soap-opera relationships with wholesalers and truck drivers. Some would let people charge groceries, then they would charge huge interest rates.

Things change, sometimes for the better, sometimes not.
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I'm glad to have the name explained. When I was in first grade or so, I referred to these shorts as "Our Gang", and the other kids laughed and told me I was stupid and wrong and the name was "Little Rascals". But "Our Gang" is what my parents called them.
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Thank you!

Edward, I don't know yet, but apparently I'm supposed to manufacture time for Alex to do other things.

Sue, I'm afraid silly drivel is my specialty, but I'll see what we can do.
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