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Vultures and buzzards deserve a lot more respect than they get. I hope this video opens a lot of eyes! Though I have learned to appreciate carrion birds, I learned from this video.
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I had major heart surgery in 2017 that included a bypass for mu main coronary artery and a new pig valve for a bad aortic valve. So far so good for me at age 80.
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Whenever this old world of ours drags me down, which is far too often these days, it really does lift my spirits to think about these golden records floating out there in space. Little snippets and snapshots of human life captured forever that will literally outlive us all. Civilizations we can't begin to imagine rocking to Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" (along with Bach and Mozart), seeing images of flowers and dolphins, and trying to solve the age-old mystery of love, all some untold millennia from now. It just gives me a small dollop of hope in this crazy thing we call life. Thanks for this much needed reminder, Miss Cellania. The official site's well worth a visit, if anyone's curious:
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