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Way back in the Ice Age when I was a student, I would occasionally find an exam question that was just plain wrong, and I would argue about it. Students who have the exam ahead of time and can't see SEVERAL of them were wrong have obviously not mastered the material at all. Or else they memorized the answer sequence instead of reading it, which seems just as difficult as learning the stuff in the first place.
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Reuben Rawbone and Hercules Cross sound like hunks. Isah Young-Husband is a name that doesn't age well, if you know what I mean. I am quite taken with the name Persilla Pye.

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It's plausible that when you have to drink a gallon of that stuff, you belt it back in a hurry and wouldn't notice a bug fell in your drink. It's also plausible in this day and age that someone at the clinic slipped it in for the pic and the lulz.
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