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Michael, I agree. Just this year, someone was going to a do version of Huck Finn with every instance of that word replaced by "slave." It certainly isn't the same, and in many places just will not work at all.


The very idea inspired a parody.


However, although I am opposed to censorship and think young people should all be aware of the way things were in the past, I can empathize with teachers who find it very difficult in this day and age to discuss Huckleberry Finn and its language in a middle school class. They say it's like trying to cross a mine field.
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I would like to remind you that attacking other commenters is forbidden at Neatorama. I just deleted such a comment. If you can make your point without calling names, you are welcome to comment.
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I guess we could have changed the title to 12 Books That Have (Ironically) Been Banned Somewhere or Many Places in the U.S. at One Time or Another Or Maybe Several Times, but that's awfully long.
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Aha! I found the magazine, and the print version says June 31. Really. Yes, I should have caught it but I wasn't looking for mistakes, and am not usually in the habit of second-guessing someone else's writing.
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The rule here is no attacks on other commenters. And this is is not going to be a hate thread. So I have removed two comments, one hateful and the other who attacked the hateful commenter.

I will also remove any further hateful comments.
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He liked seafood fine until they were served fish for Thanksgiving, which was the straw that broke the camel's back.

What I took from it is that food preferences are closely associated with memories. His aunt's clam chowder was a good memory; fish for Thanksgiving is a bad memory.
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