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Ha! I'm way ahead of her. I stopped weighing myself about ten years ago, and stopped looking in the mirror a few years ago. Then again, my eyesight is pretty bad already, so there wasn't much use in looking anyway.
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My kids have friends that are 16, 17, even 18 years old and have never attempted to get a driver's license because their families cannot afford to insure a teenage driver. The insurance can be more than car payments.

Which makes me dread having three teenage drivers in a couple of years. I still want them to know how to drive before they leave home.
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Hard to believe it's been 35 years since Elvis died. I remember that day well ...I was working at a tourist trap during college, and never quite realized how big Elvis was until his death was announced. Ten years later, I was at Graceland for the candlelight vigil, and was again shocked at his following.
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Seriously, I have a hypothesis about how some overprotective parenting comes about. I see it in my kids friends, the 10-year-olds who've never made a bad spending decision because they don't get a regular allowance or opportunity to work for money, and teenagers who aren't allowed to walk home from school. The parents have trouble moving from one phase of a child's life to the next. They get comfortable with a toddler and can't imagine their child as a competent preschooler. Or they get comfortable with their eight-year-old and don't see how a middle school student is different. I hate to see my kids grow up and leave, too, but I also want them to have the skills to take care of themselves when they do.
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