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In a related scenario, I recall an episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show in which Laura was worried that their marriage license wasn't valid because (she confessed to Rob for the first time) she lied about her age when they wed, and said she was 18. Rob says that's okay, honey, a lot of women lie about their age to seem younger. But no, she admitted that she had actually been only 16. Rob was shocked, but they'd already been married for years by then. If I recall correctly, they met when Laura was a dancer on a show Rob worked on.
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Yeah, I seem to recall that this is some sort of brain filtering, reducing the signal-to-noise ratio. I should look it up. The same thing works with audio, and even with touch. Adapting to light levels is a mechanical process.
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I've always read that consuming carnivores is not a good idea nutritionally. You're not even supposed to put carnivore poop in your compost. But omnivores, like bears, turtles, and ducks, aren't so bad.
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The Tweet refers to the "dark side of the moon." There is no dark side, as the moon exposes all its surface to the sun over time. It should be "far side," meaning the side that is always turned away from the earth.
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I left the window open on this game while I posted the item. In that time, the plants took over the left of the wall, and all the fire was restricted to the right, completely opposite from how I first designed it!
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