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So I went to the Drive to see why the species name is sisyphus, the mythical character doomed to repeat a pointless task every day. It's all about spider sex, and it's pretty grim. "But since they lack nerves, they can be difficult to position..." And sex can lead to cannibalism. That seems pretty pointless. And now I feel sorry for a spider.
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It wasn't so much the programmers, but the higher-ups who insisted on DJs never playing a song longer than three minutes so they could sell X units of ads. That's the reason record companies made a shorter single that faded out, because otherwise they wouldn't get radio play for the full version.
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Fahrenheit is a scale based on human comfort. Zero is really cold, and 100 is really hot, in human terms. It's quite simple, but not at all random. Centigrade is fine when you want to boil or freeze water. Kelvin is for mad scientists.
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