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This will also be evidence against the way my kids wash dishes, wiping them one at a time with a soapy cloth, with the water running constantly. I run enough water to cover the dishes in the sink and squirt soap in, letting them soak for a little while as I wash. My way uses less soap and water, and now I know for sure that it gets the dishes cleaner!
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Just get older. When I was young, I was always worried about what other people thought of me. Then I became middle-aged, and no longer cared what people thought. Then I became old, and realized that nobody ever thought about me anyway.
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This bothered me even back in college in the 1970s. One professor hated the "third person" rule and the passive voice even more. "Some subjects were excluded for undetermined reasons." Yeah, who did that? Who? Someone must have determined that!
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I remember my mother watching General Hospital before I started first grade. The big drama was whether Dr. Hardy would marry his nurse Audrey. And there was a teenager named Angie who was pregnant... quite the scandal.
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They found microchimerism in my mother when she underwent cancer treatment, a remnant of my younger brother. But I most likely have none at all, since I am the oldest child, my mother was the oldest child, and her mother was second to a sister. And I've never been pregnant.
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While this is really funny, I can see why AI has so much trouble learning from existing recipes. The way we record recipes usually assumes that A. the reader knows how to eat, and 2. the reader knows a few things about cooking. A young person learning to cook with a recipe often needs guidance, or else they end up as a funny internet story. However, even a human who has never cooked has actually eaten before, and knows that chicken doesn't belong in cake, and horseradish doesn't belong in brownies. AI does not have that assumed experience.
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