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A random stretch of country road, just north of Omaha. Omaha, Illinois. On the positive side, there's a piece of earth-moving equipment parked there, and I'd have money to bribe the operator to let me drive it around...
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When actress Celia Lobsky appeared on Star Trek as the Vulcan dignitary T'Pau, her character makes the salute at one point. It's said she had to force her fingers into position ahead of time and hide them under a blanket.
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Interesting stuff, though that chip that WTM carries on his shoulder about Carter and De Camp gets in the way of the story he's trying to tell.
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Max Brookks' definitive Zombie Survival Guide also discusses the advantages of bikes- along with what's already noted, they are easier to repair than a car, and if you have to, you can carry them over/around obstacles. I suspect they don't get used much in zombie movies because it IS hard to look cool riding one.
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Supposedly, when Terry Nation created the look for the Doctor Who villain the Daleks, he was partially inspired by dancers like this.
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