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Interesting stuff, though that chip that WTM carries on his shoulder about Carter and De Camp gets in the way of the story he's trying to tell.
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Max Brookks' definitive Zombie Survival Guide also discusses the advantages of bikes- along with what's already noted, they are easier to repair than a car, and if you have to, you can carry them over/around obstacles. I suspect they don't get used much in zombie movies because it IS hard to look cool riding one.
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Supposedly, when Terry Nation created the look for the Doctor Who villain the Daleks, he was partially inspired by dancers like this.
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The original was pretty intense for the era of its creation; the scene were the Thing is doused with kerosene and set ablaze was the first time that particular stunt was attempted in a movie.
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Reminds me of an old Far Side cartoon, where a would-be seeing-eye dog does great right up until the "Don't lead your human into the jumbo jet engine" test.
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The outdoor humorist Patrick McManus (RIP) wrote about "Whatchagot Stew", which is what gets made when everyone arrives at the hunting camp and tosses whatever foodstuffs they brought along into the communal pot. Just looking at the result isn't very safe, much less eating it.
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