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A random stretch of country road, just north of Omaha. Omaha, Illinois. On the positive side, there's a piece of earth-moving equipment parked there, and I'd have money to bribe the operator to let me drive it around...
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Old joke-
Why should you never go into the jungle on Thursday afternoons? That's when the elephants are jumping out of the trees.
Why are Pygmies so short? They went into the jungle on Thursday afternoons.
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When actress Celia Lobsky appeared on Star Trek as the Vulcan dignitary T'Pau, her character makes the salute at one point. It's said she had to force her fingers into position ahead of time and hide them under a blanket.
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There is already a real zombie movie titled Cooties. And hippos really are dangerous, killing more people in Africa every year than any animal except mosquitoes.
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As the science of robotics advances, we're going to be seeing more and more of this in all fields of work. It may not happen in our lifetimes, but eventually we as a society are going to have to deal with greater and greater masses of people being made permanently redundant.
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