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The Flying Sub made its first appearance in S02E02, "Time Bomb", right after the opening credits. It's interesting because Nelson takes us through the full launch checklist of the "vehicle" before we see it revealed.
My favorite sequence is in S02E06, "The Left-Handed Man" (also right after the opening credits), where Captain Crane takes the new Defense Chief on a joyride, putting the Flying Sub through its paces. They used just about every scrap of FS miniature footage on that one.
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Wait, you put "It's About Time" at #1, but you didn't even include "The Time Tunnel," or "Time Trax," or "Continuum," or "Early Edition," or "Journeyman," or "Day Break," or "Legends of Tomorrow, or "LOST," or "Timeless," or "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," or "Timecop," ?
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I never ate Cup-O-Noodles. I always bought the Top/Maruchan Ramen packages and pounded them with a heavy spoon to break them up into little pieces (I hate long noodles dribbling on my chin).
Never used the flavor packets: I'd mix the noodle bits in a pot with a can of Campbell's Chunky soup (Nowadays I use Progresso because they don't have MSG) and let that simmer for about 15 minutes, so the noodles get nice and fat.
Mmmmm, boy! That's good eatin'!
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