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I don't see the point of preventing the teachers to communicate with their student with a specific computer program.

They're just going to use google+ or any other social media (or any other method of communication) in their back anyway.
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Laws are made to be broken. I doubt those robotic law program will be 100% fail proof and therefore are practicaly useless.

Only create machines that are unable to cause harm to any human by their own. Problem solved and you saved yourself a lot of time.
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How could it be a bad idea? If anything it will show the world that we don't really need money in the first place.

Thus leading to a resource based economy.
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Is it just me or does that project sound and look like something with a racist undertone?

The name of the project it "KK projects" I wont even tell you what this sound like.

The first thing you see in this video is a house painted in all white ( Even the trees ) with a big vault safe door as if to say "Dont rub me please." or something...

A bakery with black stains everywhere...

Three trucks of dirt was placed inside a house and water was left running to wash the dirt...
and they say it's "... a return to the natural state of new orleans..." if that's not racist I dont know what is.

One of the exibition is called "First mark" probably because the first slaves used to be branded like animals.

"You can jump from the roof and land in the center of the pool" just like suicide... is that water electrified?

"She's recreating the entire floor of the house with... errmm... glass!" notice that the house has no door so there's nothing to prevent kids from exploring the house when nobody's looking. Totally safe.

3:11 mark... anyone else saw the confederate flag reference there? "Counter geometries"... seriously, that's the best you guys could come up with?

"Cell-splitting symmetry" I accidently a whole biologist...

The fact that they're making art instead of helping cleaning or rebuilding the place is just revolting and should make some people react.
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The question number 12. ( The murder story ) was open to debate.

Of course it's wrong to assume that she's the murderer but given the incriminating evidences logic implies that she did commit the murder... and this was a logic test.

Question number 12 was my only fault in this test.

NB: All men are from mars and all women are from venus... when you look at the answer and explination they talk about a book... what book are they refering to?
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My father told me tales of my great grandmother eating raw sheep eyes. I dont find this gross at all, it kinds look like squids and I just love the taste of squids.

Baby squid salads are the best.
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Guy 1: "The photo accidentally a whole conspiracy theory rush in the blogosphere."

Guy 2: "The photo did what?"

Guy 1: "A whole conspiracy theory rush in the blogosphere."

Guy 2: "You're not making any sense!"
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"Why We Shouldn’t Give Up The Right to Bear Arms: Last week on the Russell Islands a 10-year-old girl was taken and killed by a crocodile."

I hope you're not implying that a 10 years old little girl should have been carrying a gun to protect herself from a crocodile... because that's exactly what it sound like.
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