Wood on Mars?

Mars Rover was rovin' along the Red Planet where it snapped a picture of what looks like ... a log of wood? The photo immediately a conspiracy theory rush in the blogosphere:

The unusual image was featured in a NASA press release in 2004, although the space agency made no mention of the timber-like object captured on the spacecraft's 115th day on Mars.

But one website insists it is a leaked image that 'could get someone killed.' A writer from TheCrit.com said NASA's claims Mars was a desert world were 'lies' and that 'there are vast forests on Mars, ones that are kept from the public.'

They go on to speculate the 'wood' was brought to its present position by a flood of water that must have happened within 40 years 'because the wood is intact.'


This fantastic discovery, of course, is in a long list of strange objects (humanoid, skull, doorway, cave) already found.

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One, What the hell is that stuff in the bottom of the picture, it looks like a lot of farm land.

Two: to the person who's talking about crop circles, People admitted to making them. People make them all the time. Just because no one sees them just goes to prove that people are unobservant and that these people are good at not getting caught.
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Oh yeah sure! Aliens built a little campfire on Mars and left behind a log.
Adsy, I do like your statement, you explained it very well, but how do we know that there isn't bacteria that could sestain Mars's climate- in positioning of the planet and distance of the sun.
I think and may be you as well believe it is a rut in the ground or a shadow or computer edited spoof/hoax.
I do believe NASA is keeping secrets from the public and it would make sense if they did. But just because I'm not a scientist, that doesn't mean I don't have the right to know NASA's secrets.

If there is infact water on Mars there must be forest and this log may have once gotten washed up by a river, then the river dried or something and the log remained.
According to picture however, this log looks new or atleast cemetrically cut by a being who lived on Mars at one point, before it died.
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"Wood on Mars?"

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